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Apr 28, 2020

Today we're talking with contemporary romance author, Tabitha Bouldin about her upcoming novel, Mishaps off the Mainland--book five in the Independence Islands series!

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The Independence Islands series: 

This five-island, six-author book series features mobile businesses and a whole boatload of happily-ever-afters. Each author is writing five books, one for each island, and starting July 2020, these books will be released monthly. Authors in this first islands series include me, Melissa Wardwell, Kari Trumbo, Rachel Skatvold, our guest, Tabitha Bouldin, and Carolyn Miller!

The first six books are all available for pre-order:

Don't forget. Those who purchase the books on preorder can request a collectible postcard that will be mailed to you in a protective sleeve.

Each postcard comes with a special code, and those who collect all the codes will receive a free novel written just for this purpose by all of the authors.

You can find out more and submit your request for your postcard HERE.

Additionally, because Tabitha is here, we’re also highlighting her book, Macy’s Dream.