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Mar 24, 2021

Christian romance author has branched out into women’s fiction, and wow has she done a brilliant job!  Her first book in the Driftwood Bay series releases today in the 12-author collection, A Place to Belong. Her book, The Rosewood Diary is a wonderful sister story of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and old hurts coming to the surface.


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Meet a Brand-New Women’s Fiction Author in an “Old” Favorite

When Historical and Contemporary Christian romance author, Kari Trumbo, decided she wanted to write women’s fiction, she knew that her romance readers would not necessarily be eager to jump into another genre, but seeing her name would tell them, “Oh! A new Kari Trumbo book!”

So, for her new genre, she chose a new name–one to ensure her women’s fiction readers would be satisfied with the content, and one that would mean when romance readers saw Kari Trumbo, they didn’t end up with something they don’t actually want.

Sometimes, a pseudonym like Teri Blake is the best answer to an author’s genre woes!

The Rosewood Diary by Teri Blake is a heart-rending and uplifting women’s fiction novel.  No, those aren’t contradictory statements. It really is a beautiful combination of both. Two sisters–estranged, but not–have little time to overcome trials that one sister doesn’t even knows exists.

Through loss and heartache, pockets of humor and laid-bare honesty, Quinn (the oldest sister), grows in such beautiful, heart-aching ways that blessed me as a reader.  The prose is beautiful (without being heavy-handed), and the story keeps you turning every single page.

The Rosewood Diary is available in the A Place to Belong collection right now (released today 3/23/21) and is just .99 for 12 books!  The authors are striving for the USA Today Bestseller’s list, so please consider spending a dollar and helping them out.  But do it fast. It’s only a dollar for this week.

A Place to Belong: 12 Heartwarming Novels with Animal Sidekicks

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The Rosewood Diary:

Author: Teri Blake

Despite being inseparable as kids, the Morris sisters grew apart with age. Yet when Ryla sends Quin an urgent plea, Quin makes her long-overdue return to Rosewood House.

To her great regret, she didn’t realize why her sister had called her back until it was too late.

Lost and alone, Quin can’t see beyond her own grief. Comfort comes from an unlikely source when Paxton, Ryla’s hospice nurse and neighbor, offers a shoulder to cry on when she needs it most. His support comes with no strings attached—something Quin has never experienced before.

Finding her sister’s diary churns up memories of their childhood and what it was like growing up in Rosewood House. Will this, along with Paxton’s soothing guidance, be the beacon of light that helps her through the darkest moment of her life? Or will she find new hope in a life she never dreamed possible at Rosewood?

Get the beginning of the Driftwood Bay Series, focusing on family, relationships, and healing from life’s scars.

Note: The Driftwood Diary will be available on ALL retail platforms next week as well as on Audible!  EEEP!

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