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Apr 2, 2024

When I met Xochitl Dixon at a Christian Writer's Conference back in like 2017ish, I had no idea that seven or so years later, I'd be chatting with her on my podcast (didn't know what they were back then) about her children's picture books!  All I knew was an amazing woman who spent the whole time praying for everyone. She was a blessing then, and she was a blessing the night we had our chat. Listen in and see what I mean.

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Did You Ever Think, "I Bet God Loves Color?"  You Will Now!

Author of the delightful, Different Like Me, Xochitl Dixon has another wonderful children's book available. This one celebrates color and the unique ways those colors represent God's love.  

Trust me, you'll never look at gray the same again.  Oh, and black!  It was my favorite color for a day or two back in third grade (learn why in the interview), and it's kind of my favorite again now.  Just sayin'.

Hear Xochil's story about how God used a passion flower to encourage her during difficult times and how picture book came about. Hint: Wisconsin definitely gets some credit and not even #BecauseCheeseCurds!

What Color Is God's Love by Xochitl Dixon

This playful rhyming picture book invites young readers to discover all the ways God’s love can be displayed through a rainbow of colors.

All the colors displayed in this world that God made—
every glorious, fabulous, beautiful shade—
show how good God is and will always be.
But what is the color of love? Come and see!

God created all the colors in the world, and in each one, we can discover how great His love is for us and how we can let that love shine to others! With each turn of the page, the focus shifts to a specific color—orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, black, white, gray, brown, red, purple—and explores a different attribute and expression of love through its many shades.

Learn more about Xochitl Dixon on her WEBSITE.  Follow her on GoodReads and BookBub!

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