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Jan 17, 2024

Chatting with Amanda Trumpower (finally!) yesterday was a whole lot of fun. She has fun, adventure-filled middle-grade fiction that is available on eBook, in print, and in audiobook!  Listen in to why she writes Christian middle-grade adventure and what kind of stories you'll get from her!

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Are You Ready for a Great Middle-Grade Superhero Adventure?

Folks who know me know I love a good middle-grade book.  What I didn't know is that a middle-grade author would suddenly have me wanting to watch old Batman shows so I could get a feel for the slapstick/campy tone of her Christian middle-grade adventure series.  Come on, a superhero dog who feels just a little like Superman with his journalistic endeavors and disappearances whenever something goes off?

Talking with Amanda about her series and the very defined goals for what would be included in them told me this was exactly what a lot of parents are looking for.  Books with no foul language, no intense violence, and no sexualization of characters.  Sign me up!  I loved that she just put that out there and didn't apologize.  I also loved that she added other things she isn't going to promote in her series so that parents who are looking for books with those things (or without!) they wouldn't be disappointed.

So, if you miss the "good old days" of TV shows where you don't see blood spurting three feet when someone gets his nose broken in a slug fight or a busty rabbit trying to seduce a lecherous... some other anthropomorphic critter, but do want fun superhero adventure, Amanda Trupower has the series for you. Two of them, in fact!  Don't miss her detective series Collar Cases! Lots of great reads for

Check out Amanda's Kickstarter Campaign!  You can get some special swag and stuff with the books you buy and help ensure more new books come out to keep good fun-filled middle-grade fiction available for kids.

Power Pup Meets Riptide by Amanda Trumpower

Calvin Quinn is a long way from the corn fields of Nebraska.

The rookie canine reporter dreams of bringing criminals to justice with his front page headlines, while working alongside famous investigative journalist team Mittens Meow and Alex Digger.

But Calvin has a secret.

He doesn't fight crime with pencil, paper, and reporter's instinct alone.

He also fights crime with superpowers.

After months of training, Calvin Quinn is ready to hit the streets and defend the innocent as . . . Power Pup!

Don't miss the first two Power Pup books available on Amazon or from Amanda Trumpower 's WEBSITE.

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