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Aug 22, 2023

Talking with Ashlyn McKayla Ohm is always a blast, and this time we had a great chat about her book, Where the Wings Rise--Climbing Higher Series book 2.  Guys, we had a great chat, but talking about her new book and the characters involved, the locale, the HAWK.  Yes, #BecauseHawks!  Listen in to see what's coming on August 29th! 

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How Two Sisters Change Their Lives and Forge New Relationships

Siblings are important people in our lives--after all, the Lord even refers to His people as His children, as siblings.  And there is something extra special about sister relationships, but when those break down, things can get a little dicey.  Enter Ashlyn McKayla Ohm and her Climbing Higher series. Where the Wings Rise continues the characters' growth and boy. Am I excited!  

Head off to Colorado and see what hawks have to do with this sister bond, our characters' growth, and the continuing romance in this series!

Where the Wings Rise by Ashlyn McKayla Ohm

The flight of freedom begins with letting go.

After years of disastrous choices, Addisyn Miles has a second chance with the person she once betrayed—her older sister, Avery. Moving from Whistler, Canada, to Avery’s home in the Colorado Rockies seems like the perfect opportunity to not only rebuild her fragile relationship with her sister but also distance herself from the past she can’t forget.

But adjusting to Avery’s life is harder than she expected, especially with her heart drawing her back to the chance at love that she left behind in Canada. When she begins helping her sister care for an injured hawk, Addisyn is forced to confront the fears that have left her just as wounded—or to allow her darkest enemy to sabotage her future.

As Avery Miles tends to the hawk’s broken wing, she prays for her sister to find healing as well. Her goal has always been to keep Addisyn safe, but her every attempt to hang onto her sister only drives them farther apart. As the common ground between the sisters continues to shrink, they’re suddenly blindsided by a looming threat from Addisyn’s past. Now, they must discover what it would truly take to find healing—before the broken edges of their stories separate them for good.

The second book in the Climbing Higher series, Where the Wings Rise is a story of the scars that keep us earthbound, the choices that lead to healing, and most importantly, the faith that allows us to always fly free.

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