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Mar 28, 2023

Jaime Jo Wright and I had a chat back in February, and whooeee! Did we have a bunch of fun chatting about her upcoming release, The Vanishing at Castle MoreauNote: The interview about the book itself really kicks off closer to 23:39, so feel free to fast forward and miss out on all the fun Jaime and I had–um, I mean get to the core of the interview. Mostly. Listen in to see why you’ll never sleep in a castle again (or maybe that’s just me).

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What Is More Terrifying than an Author with a Sharp Tent Peg?

Have you ever been on Instagram and watched Jaime Jo Wright’s and Pepper Basham’s reels where they mock and tease each other?  Yeah. Well, let’s just say that this interview is an extended version of both–blended together–and all about Jaime and her books.  Oh, and Wisconsin bathrooms. And Jaime Jo’s bathroom door. And “castle fever” in Hungary. And tent pegs. Just sayin’. Okay, just one tent peg. I guess that plurality was a bit of an exaggeration.

There’s a whole lot of laughing in this episode, and a whole lot of Jaime Jo putting up with Chautona’s weirdness. But that’s Christian charity for you, folks. I’m pretty sure she ended up with a few more jewels in that crown after dealing with me.

You’re welcome, Jaime. 😉

That said, we really do eventually chat about The Vanishing at Castle Moreau (by all accounts a “moreau-se” book–weird, that looks like a French mouse or something) book. No seriously. Castle + vanish = yikes!

From being inspired by Elizabeth Báthory, a really creepy gal, to writing about a castle inhabited by a hoarder (equally creepy in my opinion–just in a different way), Jaime Jo has outdone herself!

However, one thing I thought was super important was that Jaime Jo points out that her books aren’t actually horror. She considers them Scooby Do (or is that Doo?) meets split-time Christian fiction. They aren’t gross or truly horrifying. Everything has an explanation… eventually. It just might not be the one you expected.

Kind of like I expected the book I thought was The Curse of THE Misty Wayfair to be a book about a ship. Alas, that extra “the” really makes a difference.

Oh, and after all that, we chatted about books Jaime Jo has been reading. Let’s just say I want to order them all! This shocks no one.

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau by Jaime Jo Wright

In 1865, orphaned Daisy Francois takes a position as housemaid at a midwestern Wisconsin castle and finds that the reclusive and eccentric Gothic authoress inside hides more than the harrowing tales in her novels. With women disappearing from the area and a legend that seems to parallel these eerie circumstances, Daisy is thrust into a web that may threaten to steal her sanity, if not her life.

In the present day, Cleo Clemmons is hired by the grandson of American aristocratic family the Tremblays to help his matriarchal grandmother face her hoarding in the dilapidated Castle Moreau. But when Cleo uncovers more than just the woman’s stashes of collectibles, a century-old mystery of disappearance, insanity, and the dust of the old castle’s curse threaten to rise again, and this time, leave no one alive to tell the sordid tale.

Fan-favorite Jaime Jo Wright draws listeners into a seamlessly woven dual-time tale of suspense, mystery, romance, and redemption.

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