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Feb 3, 2023

Romantic suspense lovers better get ready and grab your blankets, because Elizabeth Goddard is taking us to frigid temperatures in her new Missing in Alaska series with the first book Cold Light of Day. This book releases on February 7th and promises to be a fascinating ride. Listen in to see why!

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Are You Eager for This Thrilling, Suspenseful New Series?

I know I am. Look, I wanted to know more about the book, yes. I mean, Alaska? Suspense?  Bring it on. Especially say in... oh...JULY. That's when I like to read about Alaska!  However, if you like atmospheric reads for the season you're in, Cold Light of Day is a perfect read for February!  All the chilly feels!  Grab a cup of something hot and a cozy blanket and settle into the fictional town of Shadow Gap, Alaska.

Look, I'm in love with this place, okay?  Who wouldn't be? It has a diner called the... What? Silly Moose? Sleepy Moose?  Crazy Moose?  Or something like that? And there's a bar... the Rabid Racoon!  I mean, come on! I don't frequent bars, but if this town existed and I happened to go there, I'd step inside just so I could say I did. #BecauseCoolName.

Elizabeth got the series name from a podcast she listened to (Missing in Alaska... never heard of it, but now I'm curious!), and Revell has even set up a whole WEBSITE for it.  There you can find a great preorder deal on Cold Light of Day from Baker Book House (or order from Amazon!) and submit your order number for cool freebies like digital wallpapers, gift tags, and STICKERS! Actual stickers! How cool is that? I need to go get mine!) Oh... one more thing. At the 40% off with free shipping, that makes the paperback cheaper than the eBook. Just sayin'!

Cold Light of Day by Elizabeth Goddard

Police Chief Autumn Long is fighting to keep her job in the quiet Alaska town of Shadow Gap when an unexpected string of criminal activity leaves her with a wounded officer, unexplained murders, and even an attack on her own father. Despite her mistrust of outsiders, she turns to Grier Brenner, a newcomer who seems to have the skills and training Autumn needs to face this threat to her community.

Grier is in Alaska for the same reason so many others are--to disappear--when Chief Long enlists his help. He emerges from the shadows and proves his mettle, but his presence in her life could be a deadly trap for them both. If his secret is exposed, all will be lost. And he's not sure even Autumn could save him.

As the stakes rise and the dangers increase, Autumn and Grier must rely on each other to extinguish the deadly threats.

You can learn more about Elizabeth and all her books on her WEBSITE.

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