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Jan 3, 2023

So... ever wondered if I'm really as weird as I seem? Here's proof for ya! While normal people were gearing up for a lovely holiday with their families, I rushed AWAY from mine to my hotel room in Irvine, California to have a chat with debut romantic comedy author, Becca Kinzer about her book, Dear Henry, Love Elizabeth. Boy, am I glad I did! Guys! This book!  Listen in to find out how Becca went from writing romantic suspense to rom-com and learn why I'm pushing for a new genre--rom-com suspense!

 Note: links may be affiliate links that provide me with a small commission at no extra expense to you. Additionally, Becca Kinzer kindly sent me a copy of her book. That was after I ordered my own copy, though for what it's worth. :)

What Better Way to Start the New Year Than a Great Rom-Com?

As I said in the episode, I read the first chapter...ish of Dear Henry, Love Edith before we got on the air, and once I disconnected the call, I plopped down and finished all that the "Look Inside" on Amazon allowed.  Yes, yes I did!  And when I got home from my trip BACK to Irvine (yes, I'd driven home for a few days and went back...) I found a copy of the book waiting for me.  Thank you, Becca!

Well, last night I settled in to get through chapter four. Goodness, that makes it sound like I expected it to be a slog or something! Far from the truth, I assure you. I just meant that I only allow myself five chapters a night before I have to work, and the first chapters of a book end at the end of chapter 4 for me.  *insert sniffles here*

Well, let's just say that I'm working REALLY hard tonight so I can sneak in another set of five chapters before I have to go to bed. Guys! This book! If you love Bethany Turner, you're going to love this book. We've already had the meet cute (unbeknownst to the characters), we've already begun the epistolary part ("notes" that really are more like short letters), and... then there's the genius.

I wondered how Becca Kinzer would handle the fact that just because two people have names that sound older doesn't mean they'll speak or act older--write older!  Well, so far, it's all working like a charm. The love of older movie actors helps some, BUT... even Henry noticed that Edith actually sounds like his niece, Kat, sometimes. YES!  YES YES YES!

So... does it work?

Yep. It sure does. I really shouldn't be reading this book. I'll just put that out there. I shouldn't. I have a ton of other books in line ahead of it, but everyone gets to have a mood read now and then, and I'm most definitely in the mood for this read! Fun characters, quirky situations, awkwardness galore, and butter pecan ice cream. It's a quadruple play in my book!

And... she's working on a rom-com about two people riding a tandem bike in a race.  COME ON!  I'm dying for this book, too!  It just won't come out until... forever!  So, in the meantime, don't forget the TWO free novellas you can get if you head over to Becca Kinzer's WEBSITE and sign up for her newsletter.  I did. EEEP!

Just a few weeks before it releases on January 31, 2023

Dear Henry, Love Edith by Becca Kinzer

He thinks she’s an elderly widow. She’s convinced he’s a grumpy old man. Neither could be further from the truth.

After a short and difficult marriage, recently widowed Edith Sherman has learned her lesson. Forget love. Forget marriage. She plans to fill her thirties with adventure. As she awaits the final paperwork for a humanitarian trip to South Africa, she accepts a short-term nursing position in a small Midwestern town. The last thing she needs is a handsome local catching her eye. How inconvenient is that?

Henry Hobbes isn’t exactly thrilled to have Edith, who he assumes is an elderly widow, dumped on him as a houseguest for the summer. But he’d do almost anything for his niece, who is practically like a sister to him given how close they are in age. Especially since Edith will be working nights and Henry works most days. When he and Edith keep missing each other in person, they begin exchanging notes, short messages at first, then longer letters, sharing increasingly personal parts of their lives.

By the time Henry realizes his mistake?that Edith is actually the brown-eyed beauty he keeps bumping into around town?their hearts are so intertwined he hopes they never unravel. But with her departure date rapidly approaching, and Henry’s roots firmly planted at home, Edith must ultimately decide if the adventure of her dreams is the one right in front of her.

Reminiscent of the beloved classic You’ve Got Mail comes a delightful new romantic comedy about mistaken identities, second chances, and finding love in unexpected places.

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