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Nov 4, 2022

I was introduced to Natalie Walters through her first book, Living Lies, and as I chatted with her about her upcoming release, Blind Trust, I realized the reason the second book in that series felt different (and I stopped reading) was because I actually listened to the first book on audiobook! DUH!  So, last night I started listening to the sample and immediately felt drawn in the same way. Weird, I know. But her second series, the SNAP Agency series went without a conversation due to all kinds of trouble, so we chatted about the whole series, especially the second book, Fatal Code (available now), and the third book, Blind Trust (releasing April 11, 2023). Listen in to learn more!

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Are You Ready for a Reckless, Wild, Riveting Series Finale?

Whooeee, I had a fun time chatting with Natalie Walters this week. Her last book in the SNAP Agency series might not come out for a few months, but those months are going to fly by and you have THREE books you can read while you wait. Not only that, but as we talked about, the first book, Lights Out, is half off at Baker Book House (with free shipping!) AND... there's a series prequel available for Kindle Unlimited readers (or to purchase! Feed an author!) right now. Or, you can wait and get that novella FREE in the month or so before release. Learn more about that on Natalie's website (link below).

I loved the way Natalie described this agency as kind of an Avengers thing where everything goes terribly wrong and the fate of the nation is in peril unless SNAP gets it together and saves the day. Exactly what the cold, chilly (dare I call it a "cold SNAP"?) calls for, right?

You can listen in to the interview about the first book in this series, Lights Out, HERE.

Blind Trust by Natalie Walters

When Lyla Fox receives a threatening letter from a man she put in prison, she uncovers clues that lead to a deadly government conspiracy--making her a target that fellow SNAP Agent Nicolás Garcia will protect at all costs. But working with Lyla proves to be more dangerous than he expects--for the mission and for his heart.

You can learn more about Natalie and her books on her WEBSITE.

You can also preorder Blind Trust at at 40% off AND... with free shipping--so better than Amazon even. ALSO...

Don't forget that if you preorder this book, you can order another book at the same time and receive it with the free shipping deal, too! :D

Finally, don't forget the prequel novella, Initium. You can read it free on Kindle Unlimited today, or sign up for Natalie's newsletter to get it free later!