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Aug 30, 2022

When I first checked out Bert Ballou on Amazon, I wasn't sure what to expect. Anthony the Donkey?  What?  And then I saw it. Andy Pershing and the Seven Wonders Warriors: The Lincoln Legacy.  That's when the "oooh..." moment happened. Adventure, friendship, history, patriotism, and of course, defeating the bad guy?  DUH! Sign me up! A perfect series for homeschoolers looking for a way to reinforce those history lessons with fun reading, these Andy Pershing books look like a whole lot of fun!  Listen in to discover what to expect (and to see that he agrees with me on The Magician's Nephew).

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What Better Way to Start a New School Year Than an Exciting Adventure Novel?

Bert Ballou, inspired by fun movies with an intelligent twist like the National Treasure series and The Librarian series, has come out with an upper middle-grade/YA series that features US Landmarks correlating to the seven wonders of the ancient world.  Come on. How cool is that?

You can hear the passion he has for this project as he describes the characters, talks about some of the places the kids'll go, and even who the bad guy is.  Riddles send four teens on a hunt to save the Lincoln Memorial in this book and other landmarks in the others from terrorist attacks... by another kid!  

A small part of me was sad that my youngest graduated this year. I could totally have assigned these as reinforcement reading or something.  Instead, I'm going to read them myself and pass them along to my grandkids!  And for the curious, I got over my sadness at being retired from homeschooling.  Probably sooner than I should've.  Name that literary reference!

Andy Pershing and the Seven Wonders Warriors: The Lincoln Legacy by Bert Ballou

I gaze upon the waters where I once sat
Judgment on my left
Victory on my right
As I stand in the stars victorious
Over the ruins of a divided sovereign

“Do you know who sent you this?” asked Andy Pershing.
“A terrorist!” Amber replied.

As a high school baseball star with the three best friends any guy could have, Andy Pershing is on top of the world. Then a cryptic text and a startling video send Andy, Amber, Scotty, and Edith on a quest to foil a terrorist’s plot against America.

A plot that may not be Andy’s biggest problem.

Lately, the characters from a Greek mythology exhibit at the local museum are walking right off Mt. Olympus and into his life. When Nike herself entrusts Andy with a powerful pendant, he realizes that historical powers have been awakened—not all of them on his side.

And then there’s that secret deal he made with Luc...

When the world is about to burn, what can four teenagers do?

Mythological characters, teenage presidents, and a museum-reenactor-turned-secret-agent guide Andy and his friends as they race to solve riddles and untangle mysteries … all before history blows up in their faces.

You can learn more about Bert on his Facebook page, his publisher's WEBSITE, and soon a brand new author website!

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