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Aug 12, 2022

Before I began the interview with Naomi Craig about Ezekiel's Song, I kind of went crazy and left it in to give you a chuckle. But Naomi and I chat about her upcoming release, why she chose to write about Ezekiel, and what areas she focused on. Listen in and hear her heart for the Word and for stimulating readers to love it and live it.

Oh, and that song I couldn't remember? Well, I found it after a BUNCH of hunting on YouTube. Here you go!

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Has Ezekiel Always Confused You? How about a Little Fictional Clarity?

There's SO much to write about in Ezekiel, but after talking to Naomi Craig, I feel like I got a pretty good grasp of where she's taking this book without feeling like I don't need to read it now that we chatted, and that's always great. Naomi shows service in the temple, how Ezekiel could have had a mentorish relationship under Jeremiah, and even what kind of woman his wife might have been.

Personally, I love the "Darcy-ish" meeting where he totally insults her and accuses her of being an idolatress. Let me tell you something. I cannot wait to read that! Seriously!

God had Ezekiel do a lot of weird things, and I always wondered how he managed some of it, but Naomi brings out possibilities by focusing on this wife that we don't know much (anything) about. How cool is that?

Naomi also gave us a couple of glimpses into what's coming next!

She's #TeamBlue in the Keeping Christmas novella collections, writing about Herod's palace and the wise men's appearance looking for "the King of the Jews."  And... from a scribe's perspective!  How cool is that?

Also... next up is a book about a woman in Ephriam's lineage who built three cities. A woman credited with the building of these cities!  I cannot wait! I love how Naomi focuses on how strong Biblical women were. So often we think of them as downtrodden and little more than cattle, but God shows how much He loves His daughters in the Word, and He definitely allows them to shine. We saw that in Naomi's debut novel Rahab's Courage.

Ezekiel's Song by Naomi Craig

A prophet's heart broken, a woman's joy gone. What does Yahweh have planned for His people?

On the brink of Jerusalem's demise, devoted priest, Ezekiel, sees the insincerity of Judah's worship. Despite his efforts to call the people back to true worship of Yahweh, priests, artisans, valiant warriors, and royals are exiled to Babylon. When God gives him messages of continued judgment for the people in his homeland, his heart breaks. How can he minister to the people from so far away?

The presence of the Lord is tangible when Shiriel sings in the temple, and her voice prepares the hearts of many to worship. When she is exiled to Babylon, her faith is shaken. Does the Lord's presence extend beyond Jerusalem and His holy temple?

Ezekiel is struck mute and paralyzed as he begins his prophetic ministry, and Shiriel devises a plan to get the Lord's message back to the unfaithful people of Judah. Shiriel struggles with discontentment as serving the Lord looks nothing like she'd imagined. Can she provide for her family and carry out her husband's ministry when her joy is gone, and her own dreams are placed on hold?

How will Yahweh save His people from themselves? Find out in Ezekiel's Song!

Ezekiel's Song is available at 30% off paperback and at a discount for Kindle, too through release week, so visit Naomi's WEBSITE for more information.

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