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Jun 14, 2022

In today's episode, Christian Romance author, Amy Anguish and I talk about her latest release, the first book in her Road Trip Romance series... Destination Romance.

Learn about the three friends who make up this series, the fun stories for each, and what kind of road trip they all go on. You'll love the fun Anguish has for us (doesn't that sound fun?  I love her name!)

Listen in for more!

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Ready for a Fun, Funky, Romance-Filled Road Trip This Summer?

I had a delightful chat with Amy about her fun new series, and I was determined to read them all the moment they released. I mean, come on. A "girls only" road trip for a bachelorette party ends up picking up tagalongs and everything goes wonky. We even got a small bit of information about the upcoming books as well.

But then Amy Anguish lived up to her name...

She mentioned another book... an epistolary novel. I had to read Writing Home.  I just had to.

If you wanted a recipe for a perfect romance, it would include a slow-burn, a friends-to-more element, and deep, rich faith woven into every moment without becoming preachy. And Amy R. Anguish did it. Beautifully.

One of the best parts was that even what should have felt "obvious" didn't. We know who would do what and how or why in certain places... but we still hold our breaths until it happens, not completely certain. Lovely.

This new-to-me author just landed herself on my insta-buy list with great characters, fun dialogue, and just a host of fun scenarios tied together with the best get-to-know-you letters.

I went into this book knowing I'd like it. I just had no idea that I'd love it as much as I do.

Onto the next!

And yes... I'm going to binge all the books.

Destination Romance by Amy Anguish

It’s not every day you bring a boyfriend back as a souvenir.

Katie Wilhite is ready to settle into her new job as a librarian now that college is through, but friends Bree and Skye want one more girls’ trip, and when Bree insists this is her bachelorette fling, Katie agrees. What she didn’t agree to was allowing fun and flighty Skye to dictate the itinerary or for her anxiety to kick in harder than ever … right in front of a cute guy.

Camden Malone had no idea when he agreed to be the voice of reason on his cousin Ryan’s vacation that the trip wouldn’t stay in New Orleans as planned. But when Ryan plots with Skye so that the guys can tag along with the girls all week, he isn’t nearly as upset as he should be. Not with Katie’s fiery temper and flashing eyes intriguing him more by the minute.

Can Katie relax enough to trust Camden and a possible future, or will she continue to push him away as only a vacation fling? And can Camden move past a rocky history of his own to be able to jump into a better future? For a trip that was supposed to be all about fun, there’s a lot of romance going around.

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