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May 27, 2022

When I learned that Jubilee Lipsey started her Biblical fiction series by writing a Bible study of David & Jonathan, I knew this would be an author right up my alley!  Listen in to learn why she chose to debut with that particular story, what she learned from it, and what to expect from her next!

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What about 2020 Prompted Authors to Write about This Great Friendship?

Jubilee Lipsey is the second (although, I think it's actually the third) author that I've spoken to who found themselves writing about David and Jonathan during 2020.  Lockdown hit and of all the Bible stories that could be fictionalized, they chose this classic friendship.  The first you can read about HERE.

But as I mentioned already, the most fascinating bit of this story is not that she chose to spend lockdown writing her first novel. She went on to rapid-release the next two in the series ensuring that the entire series was available quickly.  Not only that, but she's done this very well. The books are available in paperback, on kindle, and in hardback (I got my hardback at a GREAT price, so you should definitely check that out).

Why did the Lord press David and Jonathan onto the hearts of His people?  What can we learn from that?  I don't know, but I definitely want to read this book (it's beckoning from my shelf!) to find out.

My Brother the King by Jubilee Lipsey

Still reeling from his father’s break with the God of Israel, Prince Jonathan is in line to inherit a throne that has already been stripped from his family. The young shepherd David is the man after God’s own heart, chosen to take Jonathan’s place. Carrying a secret anointing that won’t stay hidden, David yearns to fight alongside his childhood hero rather than against him, but his calling threatens both their lives at every turn.

Instead of fighting to the death over a crown that can’t belong to both of them, the two young warriors forsake rivalry and pledge themselves to a friendship forged in the passionate pursuit of the God who called them—both.

Walk alongside two Biblical heroes as they embrace the will of God through a selfless covenant that would withstand the brutal tests of family jealousy and war—a friendship that would change history.

You can learn more about Jubilee on her WEBSITE.

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