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Feb 15, 2022

Author of The Watch series, Kay DiBianca's latest cozy mystery, Time after Tyme, introduces two new young characters that are absolute delights to read!  Join Kay as she introduces us to a small town university, a minister, a rabbi, and a bunch of clues.

We chat about mystery writing and books we love to read as well.

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Who Is Ready for a New and Delightful Cozy Mystery?

This week we're BACK with cozy mystery author, Kay DiBianca. If you missed her first interview, check that out HERE.

I expected to enjoy Time after Tyme, yes.  After all, I'd enjoyed the other two books in The Watch series. What I didn't expect was to discover what is probably my new favorite scene of all time.  There's something crazy delightful in the opening scene of Time after Tyme.  The young girls, Ree and Joanie are just the sort of fun, quirky girls--very alike and completely opposite at the same time--that give books life.

Never fear. Kay DiBianca did them justice, and now I might have conned... that is, I mean talked her into a middle-grade series with them.  It would be like Nancy Drew meets Francie Nolan in contemporary times or something.  EEEP!

In addition to talking about the series and just how many books it needs (Kay mentioned SCOTLAND!), we talked about her other project ideas and her blogging over on the Kill Zone Blog.

I even told her about my Book Club Capers interactive short story (and this week is a new installment.  Will they guess the right book, or is Corey a gonner?  Find out on Thursday!

Hey, maybe we can talk Kay into playing around with Reen and Joanie with their own installments on HER blog... at least for now.  #TeamReen.  #AllTheReenNess!

Time after Tyme by Kay DiBianca

Nancy Drew meets Tom Sawyer in this delightful and thought-provoking romp through the third book in The Watch Series of clean mysteries.

Secret codes and university intrigue combine to give Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman a new and puzzling mystery to solve. But things get dicey when two misguided young girls wander into the middle of the investigation and decide to solve it themselves.

Can Kathryn and Cece decipher the codes and protect the youngsters before the killer strikes again?

"Delightfully clever!" -- Jodie Renner, author of the award-winning writing guide Fire Up Your Fiction.

You can learn more about Kay DiBianca and Time after Tyme on her WEBSITE.

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