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Jan 18, 2022

Taking YA dystopian to new heights with gorgeous covers, killer titles, and a social experiment concept that feels a little too close to home, Jess Corban's Nede Rising series is exactly what we need for a New Year's read.

Two hundred years ago, fed up with the abuse and misuse of women, society developed a vaccine to deal with toxic masculinity. The men have been "gentled" over the past couple of centuries but at what cost? Corban talks about her books, transition into fiction writing, and more in this episode.

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Are You Ready for Riveting and Thought-Provoking Dystopian Fiction?

I gushed about the gorgeous covers and brilliant titles of Jess Corban's books, but seriously, I have to say it again. Now that they're in my hands, I can say that without question, they're some of the most beautiful YA fiction books that I've ever seen.

Jess Corban talks about her transition from seeing fiction authors as a bit odd to drinking the Kool-Aid and becoming immersed in story. While she'll never give up writing nonfiction, she plans more books for us. And if readers push her, we might just get more in the Nede Rising world.

However, this duology is more than just an interesting look into "what ifs," it's also a thought-provoking commentary on how humans overreact to injustice and swing to opposing viewpoints that become equally unjust.

At an age when young people are questioning everything they see, when they're passionate about issues, what better time to get them thinking about what happens if an opposing group tries to dictate their conscience and conviction.  And better than that, she does it all without becoming preachy.  WOOT!

A Gentle Tyranny by Jess Corban

What if women unraveled the evils of patriarchy?

With men safely "gentled" in a worldwide Liberation, the matriarchy of Nedé has risen from the ashes. Seventeen-year-old Reina Pierce has never given a thought to the Brutes of old. Itching to escape her mother's Finca--and desperate to keep her training and forbidden friendship a secret--her greatest worry is which Destiny she'll choose on her next birthday.

But when she's selected as a candidate for the Succession instead, competing to become Nedé's ninth Matriarch, she discovers their Eden has come at a cost she's not sure she's willing to pay.

Jess Corban's debut novel presents a new twist to the dystopian genre, delivering heart-pounding action, thought-provoking revelations, and a setting as lush as the jungles of Central America.

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