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Jul 20, 2021

Personally, I think middle-grade books are highly underrated by adult readers, but kids are smart enough to know how awesome they are, and Christy Hoss has a fun series for us.

If you doubt my opinions on middle-grade books, I give you Narnia. Christy, however, gives you a fabulous rag-tag, third-grade rock band with all the fun and hijinks that go with it! Find out what is so great about her “Rubber Band” series. Hint: it’s not just the title of the band!

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Middle-Grade Books Are Fun, & Kids Need Great Books, Too

When Christy Hoss told me she’d been in one of my workshops at the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference, I had to run over to Amazon to grab a look at her.  I actually remember her!  As we chatted about her book and her desire to be a writer, we learned we have quite a bit in common.  Both of us were inspired by our second-grade teachers.  Alas, while she gets to meet up with hers this fall, mine must have gone home to Jesus decades ago (she was at least 200 back in 1977!)

A teacher herself, Christy was inspired by a real third-grade rock band at her school’s talent show one year.  As a result, we have an entire series about this fabulous group of kids and their surprisingly good rock band. (Hint: Christy Hoss’ husband is in a band himself.  It’s what first attracted her to him.  I was supposed to edit that out but didn’t.  I hope she forgives me!).

Like many smart authors, Christy Hoss also loves reading in her genre and has a few books to share.

Because I fought with the audio quality on this episode, I left out a few of our rabbit trails–me walking late at night and her thinking I’m crazy for it.  Oh, and how my friend from junior high’s father-in-law was one of Elvis’ costumers!  FUN stories.

With that, I’d like to apologize for the audio quality. I’m not sure what happened, but after fighting with it a bit, I gave up and decided that learning about this fabulous series was more important than perfect audio.  I hope you agree.

More about The Rubber Band Stretches by Christy Hoss

Foster kid Rocky “Roadkill” Espinosa, drummer for the Rubber Band, chooses Elvis for his 4th grade living biography report. With little money to create a costume, Rocky believes he’ll be the worst Elvis impersonation ever, destined to fail.

When his ex-con father Eduardo, sneaks into his life demanding attention, Rocky’s best friend and lead guitar for the band, Eddie, comes to his rescue. Eddie involves the entire band in Rocky’s protection to be “secret service” and comedic chaos erupts.

After the Rubber Band performs its first set at the mayor’s 50th birthday party, Rocky mysteriously disappears. The band realizes it’s no longer about fun and games. Friends and family are what matter most in life. The bond of the band demands that secrets be revealed.

Will friends, foster or blood family win the battle for Rocky’s future?

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