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Apr 21, 2020

Definition of "Redemptive Fiction" for the purposes of this podcast:  Redemptive fiction is fiction in which one or more characters have a transformation in some part of their lives.

Four kinds of redemptive fiction.


My books with conversion as an important part of the story.

2. “Worldly Past”

Blog post that sparked this episode: 

Okay, excellent examples of this kind of redemptive arc are…

My strongest “worldly to saved” redemption arc.

Books recommended to me:

When Hearts Collide by Sara Beth Williams. 

3. Personal Redemption

My strongest personal redemption books would be:

4. Symbolic 

Eustace in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 

David Rawlings' Books:

James L. Rubart

My books with symbolic redemptive elements:

The Journey of Dreams Series

Recommended to me books and authors.

Blog post on the future of Christian fiction/


This week, I'm sponsoring the podcast with a spotlight on Alana Terry's Whispers of Refuge series.  Purchases help fund the escape of refugees from North Korea. Box set of the series can be found HERE.