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May 23, 2021

Death and a Crocodile by is seriously my biggest reading shock of 2021.  Hilarious book, great mystery, and fun settings that have me rooting for people from the first page. What’s not to love?

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Why I Knew I’d Love This New Series Reading the Cast of Characters

I’ll confess. I opened the Kindle and swiped with lots of fear and even more trepidation.  Just keepin’ it real. We all know I love historical mystery.  Proof HERE.  But…

First-century Rome. Oh. Joy. When the cast of characters stretched out past page one, I actually started reading it.  Then I started laughing. Seriously, guys. SO funny.  That was my first inkling that I might like it.

By the end of the first page or two, I was hooked.

Before I finished recording the podcast, I’d ordered a paperback.  Seriously, guys. This book is this good.

Lisa E. Betz has seriously pulled me into a fascinating world with amazing characters and an intriguing, multi-layered plot. Perhaps that’s why Lisa won the Illumination Book Award in her category!  If you love historical fiction, you might want to snag this book.

Forget that, if you love Elizabeth Peters and her delightful Amelia Peabody… don’t hesitate. Run, don’t walk those fingers across the keyboard and snag your copy.  The Kindle price is just 2.99.  Can’t complain about that.

Lisa E. Betz also has great taste in reading material.

She and I agree on Elizabeth Peters, Dorothy Gilman, and Barbara Rosenblat as a great narrator for both of those. We also agree on more historical and mystery and less romance.  WOOT!  In fact, she joked that if there’s a pretty girl in a historical dress, she won’t bother with the book. However, give her a guy with a sword, and she’s all over it.

Is it any wonder I like this gal?

She also recommended Linda Davies as a mostly clean author to try.  Do you guys have any great Christian historical authors she needs to try?  Preferably heavy on the mystery and adventure and light on the romance?

Here’s more about her book.

Death and a Crocodile

Sensible women don’t investigate murders, but Livia Aemilia might not have a choice.
Rome, 47 AD. When Livia’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, she sets out to find the killer before her innocent brother is convicted of murder. She may be an amateur when it comes to hunting dangerous criminals, but she’s determined, intelligent, and not afraid to break a convention or two in pursuit of the truth.

Plus, she’s adopted a radical new faith that encourages her to believe a woman and a handful of servants can actually solve a murder. Can she uncover the culprit before powerful men realize what she’s up to and force her to stop? Or will her snooping land her in deadly peril?

A lighthearted historical mystery set in first-century Rome, featuring a feisty amateur sleuth, a cast of eccentric characters, and an unrepentant, sausage-snatching cat.

You can find Lisa E. Betz at her WEBSITE where she also blogs about intentional living, authenticity, standing up for your values, pursuing your dreams, and more. There you will also find her social media and such!

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