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Apr 16, 2024

The riveting cover grabbed my attention. While not exactly what you expect for Biblical fiction, it had something that most Biblical fiction covers don’t. It asked a question as if taunting me to accept a challenge. “What’s in here?” it seemed to whisper.  Well, after a chat with Sarah Talbert, I now know. Listen in and see why I think the book sounds awesome and why I love a cover that might surprise some.

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Biblical fiction like you’ve not seen before.  That’s what I’m calling this.  I have no idea if I’m right about that, of course. I haven’t read it yet since it doesn’t release until April 30, 2024. Still, it says it’ll be in Kindle Unlimited then, so I plan to read it asap. Because come on! 

Look, we all know the familiar Bible stories of Abram from Ur of the Chaldees. About his wife Sari, and how they became Abram and Sarah.  We know God moved them from Ur because of how ugly things had become.  But… what about those people left behind? We often don’t realize the horrors they lived through, and Sarah Talbert has tackled that through the eyes of a fictional girl grieving for a sacrificed brother.  If that doesn’t grab you, well… why not? LOL!


Secrets of the Wildflowers by Sarah Talbert

 In the heart of ancient Ur, Secrets of the Wildflowers unfolds the captivating tale of Miu, a spirited young woman determined to bloom amid the constraints of her culture, family, and the ancient deities that hold sway.

When tragedy strikes, and her beloved brother becomes a sacrifice to the gods, Miu embarks on a courageous journey to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and unearth her true purpose. Motivated by the resilient wildflowers that grow wherever they please, Miu is driven to forge her own path and make her name great.

As Miu navigates running her own tavern, friendship with an unlikely courier, and supporting an abandoned child, she finds herself crossing paths with Abram, a figure of significance from the Bible. After losing and redefining freedom, Miu discovers that true freedom is found in working together with others and utilizing her God-given skills within a relationship with a loving God.

In a world where Miu's determination clashes with a strong religious culture, the story explores themes of true freedom, faith, and the transformative power of a healthy community. Secrets of the Wildflowers is a mesmerizing journey through the ancient city of Ur, where the seeds of rebellion sprout alongside the wildflowers, and the roots of faith run deep.

Secrets of the Wildflowers appeals to readers who crave a story of adventure, strong female leads, and characters evolving in their faith.


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