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Oct 6, 2020

The genius behind the deeply interconnected, multi-author CrossRoads Collections, Amanda Tru joined me for a fun night of laughter, insight, and hints about some of her personal upcoming work and the great stuff we can expect from the next couple of collections.

Five Gold Rings is due to release this month, and the authors are so excited to share them with you.  But I'm excited to share the brain behind the books, Amanda Tru.

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Mentioned in this podcast are The CrossRoads Collections:

  • Out of the Blue Bouquet 
  • Yesterday's Mail
  • Under the Christmas Star
  • Betwixt Two Hearts
  • The Wedding Dress Yes
  • When Snowflakes Never Cease and
  • Five Gold Rings

Next up is What Cannot Be Stolen!

Also mentioned were Amanda's other fabulous books such as:

The Christmas Card Series including:

  • The Christmas Card
  • A Cinderella Christmas and
  • Once Upon a Christmas

The Yesterday Series

The Tru Exceptions Series

The Brides by Mail Series

Random Acts of Cupid

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