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Feb 19, 2024

Drawing on years of social work, Doralyn Moore tackles difficult topics such as addiction, abortion, and more! Listen in while we navigate stories that point to the victory we have in Jesus.

Her First Two Books Hit Tough Subjects, but Wait'll You Hear about the Next!

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Doralyn Moore spent years as a social worker, and you can tell by the topics of her first two books, Hope Doesn't Disappoint and Abundance of Grace. But when she started describing her next book and all the troubles she's sending her characters through there, I knew I had to check out these books for myself. EEEP!

Abundance of Grace by Doralyn Moore

When Cassie learns her daughter recently had an abortion while at university, old memories surface. At sixteen, she became pregnant and with a great amount of reluctance and soul searching, chose adoption for her baby. There is never a day when she doesn’t think about her daughter and wonder if she is happy and well.

Lise, the baby Cassie placed, was adopted by two loving parents. However, in spite of their love, she has feelings of abandonment and suffers from depression. Starting in her early teens, she turns to alcohol to cope with her negative feelings.

Although reluctant, Cassie senses an urging from her heavenly Father to search for her daughter. However, Lise does not want any contact with Cassie. But when she’s attacked and raped while drunk, things spin out of control and she calls her biological mother to help.

Through a long, slow process, they both come to know that for whatever bad choices they’ve made, God has provided an abundance of grace.

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