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Jan 23, 2024

I've been waiting for the release of The Divine Proverb of Streusel since before I opened my copy of Sara Brunsvold's first book!  Listen in to see what might make a woman cook her way through an old, family cookbook and how it could help her troubled heart.


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Who Knew Reading about Cooking Old Family Recipes Would Be So Exciting?

Sara Brunsvold's The Divine Proverb of Streusel opens with heartbreak and ends with reconciliation. Inspired by events in the author's life, this book rings with the truth of experience and the beauty of hope and forgiveness.  What more could you want from a great story?  I have high hopes to see Sara's name on award lists this year.

Oh, and boy did I get hungry listening to her talk about recipes.  Also... a road trip bookstore crawl?  Yes, please!  I'm a bit giddy with all the excitement!

The Divine Proverb of Streusel by Sara Brunsvold

Shaken by her parents' divorce and discouraged by the growing chasm between herself and her serious boyfriend, Nikki Werner seeks solace at her uncle's farm in a small Missouri hamlet. She'll spend the summer there, picking up the pieces of her shattered present so she can plan a better future. But what awaits her at the ancestral farm is a past she barely knows.

Among her late grandmother's belongings, Nikki finds an old notebook filled with handwritten German recipes and wise sayings pulled from the book of Proverbs. With each recipe she makes, she invites locals to the family table to hear their stories about the town's history, her ancestors--and her estranged father.

What started as a cathartic way to connect to her heritage soon becomes the means through which she learns how the women before her endured--with the help of their cooking prowess. Nikki realizes how delicious streusel with a healthy dollop of faith can serve as a guide to heal wounds of the past.

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