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Dec 16, 2022

For the last couple of months, I can't blink without seeing the name Juliette Duncan, so when I saw her as next on my list for interviews, I was excited! And boy was chatting with her a delight. Juliette has TWO books releasing back to back almost, but the first one, Christmas at Goddard Downs releases... TODAY! So, listen in to learn more about her Christmas novella and a bit about the next book in her Waters Edge series.

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What's Better Than a Great Christmas Romance Novella? So Much!

How about "mature romance"?  Oh, how I love that rather than "seasoned" as if everything else is somehow bland OR... it's on the verge of "spicy." EEEP!

Juliette Duncan, however, has created a wonderful cast of Characters in her Sunburned Land series taking place in northern Australia and on a cattle station, no less. We talked about formulaic romance, the lack of it, and what makes for good, realistic fiction.

I wanted to throw out here that when she talks about her books not being "squeaky clean," I believe she's talking about how the people are flawed rather than perfect and they make stupid mistakes like humans do rather than the books being full of things that would get them an R rating as a movie!  I think it's just the Aussie/USA terminology difference--kind of like Merry Christmas vs. Happy Christmas which we ended with.

But we also talked about her Water's Edge series!  Book five is coming out in just a few weeks, and it sounds delightful. I'm a sucker for a friends-to-more romance, and well... this is one! YAY! Think small-town romance, hang gliding, and the Australia coast. What more could you want?

When I asked about what she likes to read, she admitted she does read in her own genre, and likes women's fiction by Aussie author, Lilly Mirren. I've never heard of Mirren, but since Juliette says she writes a clean book, I'm eager to give it a shot!

Furthermore, Juliette Duncan's books can be listened to on audiobooks wherever you like to get yours--including from her WEBSITE.

Christmas at Goddard Downs by Juliette Duncan

A Christmas celebration, an engagement in doubt…

Maggie and Frank are excited to welcome the entire family home for Christmas. It’s been too long since they were all together, and since Frank’s heart attack, they cherish each moment spent with their family.

Plus, there could be two engagement announcements!

Janella’s bringing Wade to Christmas, and everybody’s expecting Sean to finally pop the question to Elizabeth.

The whole cattle station’s buzzing with anticipation.

But Sean still has niggling doubts.

Since Uncle Frank appointed him as co-manager of Goddard Downs, his life has changed for the better, and at last he feels like somebody, and yet, he can’t shrug off his father’s words.

Although he loves Elizabeth, how can he expect her to marry him when his dad could be right and he could fall into his old ways at any time?

Elizabeth Martin’s had enough of waiting for Sean to propose, and Bree's offer to travel the world and nurse wherever the Lord leads holds appeal.

But can she leave Sean? The thought distresses her.

But does she love him enough to wait forever for him to propose?

What if he never does?

How can she join his family for Christmas when all eyes will be on them?

It’d be easier not to go.

She’ll pick up another shift, make her excuses.

Somebody needs to care for the sick while everyone else celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Can this impasse be broken? Can Sean find the courage to face his fears and commit to Elizabeth before he loses her?

Will Elizabeth choose to travel the world, or will this Christmas be one that will change her life forever?

Join the Goddard family for a Christmas to remember. Christmas at Goddard Downs is Book Six in the Sunburned Land Series, a contemporary Christian romance set in the beautiful, rugged and remote Kimberley area of northern Australia. Grab your copy now and be blessed.

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