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Dec 10, 2022

Last month I had a lovely chat with Melody Carlson about her latest release, A Quilt for Christmas, and oh boy did we have fun. According to her husband, she's written over three hundred books, she has a movie out there and another couple on the way, and oh... every genre from Biblical fiction to suspense to romance to women's fiction and youth fiction!  If you want to read it, she's probably got it! Listen in to find out why A Quilt for Christmas should be your next read!

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Community, Quilts, & Christmas Love: What More Could You Want?

When I read about a "rag-tag" group of quilters, I knew I would love this book. I mean, quilts, Christmas, kids, and older folks--especially a curmudgeonly old gal. YEAH! Let me have it!

This story about a retiree who finds herself living in a new condo with no family nearby and helping out neighbors... well, it had me hooked from the synopsis, but chatting with Melody Carlson about the story, the characters, and her own love of quilts and quilting made the interview extra fun.

Getting a bit of insight into Melody's upcoming projects was a lot of fun, too.  A home store "Romancing the Home" in the book Second Time Around, as well as a royal Christmas story for next year (psst... MOVIE, too!).

We also chatted about a few of her other books, and can I just say I'm in love with the storylines from Your Heart's Desire, Once Upon a Winter's Heart, and Love Gently Falling?  I didn't know they existed before a couple days before the interview, but they're all mine now! :D

A Quilt for Christmas by Melody Carlson

Christmas should be celebrated with family. But for Vera Swanson, that's not an option this year. Widowed and recently relocated, she is lonely in her condo-for-one--until little Fiona Albright knocks on her door needing help. With her mother seriously ill and her father out of town, Fiona enlists Vera's help, and when she finds out her new neighbor is a quilter, she has a special request--a Christmas quilt for Mama.

Vera will have to get a ragtag group of women together in order to fulfill the request. Between free-spirited artist Tasha, chatty empty nester Beverly, retired therapist Eleanor, and herself, Vera has hopes that Christmas for the Albright family will be merry, after all--and she may find herself a new family of friends along the way.

Bestselling and award-winning author Melody Carlson invites you to cuddle up this holiday season with this cozy story of giving, forgiving, and a little bit of romance.

Learn more about Melody and her books (and movies?) on her WEBSITE.

Also, you can grab A Quilt for Christmas for 30% off from BakerBookHouse AND... if you preorder Second Time Around at 40% off, you get free shipping on both!

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