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Nov 25, 2022

When I saw the title... The Gates of Hell, I had an image of what the cover would look like. Dark... ominous... and a whole lot of red. Well, I was partially right and pleasantly surprised. I mean, this cover is unique, appears to be spot on, and yet unexpected, too. I like that combination.

Then I read more about it, and I had the strange sense that I was looking at Liam Nieson's Taken meets Dan Brown's The Davinci Code. Andy Dewitt says I'm not too far off!  EEEP!  Listen in and see why this book promises to be a page-turner!


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Watch Out! This Book Will Send You on a Wild Ride through Palestine!

On a trip through Israel, author Andy Dewitt got the inspiration for his next "Christmas book" for his kids. A childhood tradition has turned into a book you'll want to have on your shelf.

Taking a historical look at the real meaning behind "the gates of hell will not prevail against it" as his inspiration, Andy begins his story with a twist on an actual bit from his family's life and then sends readers on a harrowing journey to try to save a young (barely engaged) woman from the clutches of a pagan cult.

Andy Dewitt also talks about his life before writing (he was a dentist, but he promises no root canals come with the book... I think that's what he said...), being a ghostwriter, and even about another book he was prepared to submit for publication until he found something crazy similar. Now we have to pray that he decides his book needs to see the light of day anyway.

The Gates of Hell by Andy Dewitt

One Moment She Gets Engaged, The Next, She Disappears from The Face of the Earth

On top of a stunning mountain in Israel, award-winning inventor Chase Johnson proposes to his girlfriend, Abby. She cries, “Yes,” and they celebrate as their mutual friend, Tiffany, takes photos.

Chase runs to get his buddy Billy, so the four of them can celebrate together. When the men return, all they find are shattered cell phones and a broken camera. The girls have vanished.

Chase reports the disappearance to the local police, embassy, and social media, but they offer little help. Desperate to find her, the men use their own innovative technology to follow leads from one end of Israel to the other.

When all hope seems lost, Chase discovers Abby and Tiffany’s abductors, an ancient pagan cult still alive and well. And unless Chase can win a race against time, the cult is ready to make Abby a human sacrifice at their temple called The Gates of Hell.

Get ready for a thriller that will set your heart pounding and your mind racing long into the night.

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