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Oct 18, 2022

When I saw the cover of The Bookshop of Secrets, I knew I had to read the book. And seriously, yeah. This book, guys!  This book! Listen in as Mollie Rushmeyer and I chat about how this book came about, what kinds of things you'll find in it, what I thought was way over the top and then I realized I was SOOOOOOOOO wrong about... all the things. (Psst... even a hint about the book coming up next summer!)

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So, Just How Awful Are Old Secrets Really?

Awful.  Most of them, anyway. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of a "good" old family secret. In fact, I know things about my family that people in the family don't know about themselves! And really, if you think about it... a lot of secrets are lies. People are told things that aren't true or lies of omission--not told things they should know so that they don't make reasonable assumptions that are in fact untruths.

Well, Mollie Rushmeyer has written a book chock full of secrets that leave destruction behind and before. Misunderstandings, lies, expectations, and more.

Scripture warns us that every secret will be laid open... but what about personal secrets--things that are nobody's business but our own? Are we obligated to share that information just because someone thinks they need/want it?

So many questions came to mind as I read this book. It's multi-layered and oh, so engrossing. I even had a moment where I thought something was off... until I figured out that something wasn't the story... it was me. BEST part of the whole thing for me unless... well, unless it was that Jane Eyre discussion I talked about.

And then Mollie told us about her upcoming novel next summer. EEEP! I'm just saying that with this book, Mollie Rushmeyer became an instabuy for me.

The Bookshop of Secrets by Mollie Rushmeyer

A collection of lost books holds the clues to her family's legacyand her future.

Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never to allow anyone control over her life again. Coming to Wanishin Falls in search of her family's history already feels too risky. But somewhere in the towering stacks of this dusty old bookshop are the books that hold Hope's last ties to her late mother—and to a rumored family treasure that could help her start over.

Only, the bookshop is in shambles, and the elderly owner is in the beginning stages of dementia and can’t remember where the books lie. To find the last links to the loved ones she's lost, Hope must stay and accept help from the townsfolk to locate the treasured volumes. Each secret she uncovers brings her closer to understanding where she came from. But the longer she stays in the quaint town, the more people find their way into the cracks in her heart. And letting them in may be the greatest risk of all…

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