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Jun 21, 2022

I had a delightful chat with historical romance author, Tracie Peterson, a couple of weeks ago, and boy did I learn some cool stuff!  Listen in to find out what prompted Tracie to write about trains and New Mexico and just what horned toads have to do with any of it.  She even gives us a sneak peek into what's coming next!  Hint: it involves "brownies," freezing people (we presume), and gold!

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When You've Written This Many Books, You're Sure to Be a Favorite

Tracie Peterson has been one of my favorite authors for years. I knew I'd read her books since at least the early days of this century, but when she said 1995, I knew I'd probably read every one of those first books, too. 

Though her first love might be Jesus, her first writing love is definitely historical fiction with romance, adventure, and maybe a little intrigue to boot! As with many historical authors, research consumes a lot of her time. Find out which books involved her going to a trick riding school and how a book about a "horny-toad man" helped her write the Love on the Santa Fe series!

In addition to chatting about her books, we also discussed the writing process. And even better, about the wonderful letters from readers.. Tracie Peterson is one prolific writer with over a hundred thirty books to her name! There's sure to be something for everyone, wouldn't you say?

Beyond the Desert Sands by Tracie Peterson

Can she reconcile who she's become with who she's meant to be?

Accustomed to an opulent life with her aunt, the last thing twenty-five-year-old Isabella Garcia wants is to celebrate Christmas in her parents' small silver-mining desert town, leaving her handsome beau, Diego Morales, behind in California. Adding insult to injury, she must bear the company of Aaron Bailey, the disapproving Santa Fe Railroad businessman her father has sent to escort her home, who clearly finds her spoiled.

But she is surprised to see how much the town of Silver Veil has grown and how fragile her father's health has become. Then a surprise visitor shows up with news that entirely upends the comfortable life she's been leading.

Faced with all these changes, Isabella struggles to sort through her future and who she wants to be. But trouble is brewing, and there are those who hope she stays just as she is, even if it costs her everything.

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