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Mar 29, 2022

The 1930s are an underrepresented decade in historical fiction--particularly Christian fiction--so when I learned that Danielle Grandinetti has written a book, A Strike to the Heart, set during the Wisconsin milk riots of 1933.  I mean, how cool is that? Listen in and see!

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Are You As Excited about This New Release As I Am?

Oh, my gracious!  I had such a blast chatting with Danielle Grandinetti about her upcoming release!  In preparation for that release, I'm reading To Stand in the Breach this weekend EEEP! So excited.

Anyway, Danielle and I chatted about what she loves about historical fiction, how her grandmother's stories fueled some of the passion behind this book, and even where some of the ideas came from.

We also talked about how she wrote about the milk strikes and the pouring out of milk during the depression at the same time dairy farmers were pouring out milk they couldn't afford to get to market during the pandemic.  What an eerie coincidence.

From racial differences in different areas of the country to her personal focus on immigrants, this conversation is peppered with Danielle's passion for the 1930s as well as a whole lot of laughter. 

My book is on preorder (you can get it as of this morning for just $0.99!)

Not surprisingly, Danielle's favorite authors include some of mine, and we chat a little about that as well.  All in all, I had a great time talking about her books (including her middle-grade novel!  Check it out!)

A Strike to the Heart by Danielle Grandinetti

She’s fiercely independent. He’s determined to protect her.
Wisconsin, 1933—When a routine mission becomes an ambush that kills his team, Craft Agency sniper Miles Wright determines to find the persons responsible and protect the woman he rescued. But the fierce independence that led Lily Moore to leave her family’s dairy business for the solitary life of a dog trainer and the isolation of her farm doesn’t make that easy. Neither does his unwanted attraction to her. Meanwhile, escalating incidents confirm that she’s far from safe.

Lily fears letting the surprisingly gentle retired marine into her life almost as much as she fears whoever is threatening her. As Wisconsin farmers edge toward another milk strike, one that will surely turn violent, it becomes clear that the plot against Lily may be part of a much larger conspiracy. When the search for her abductor leads close to home, she must decide whether to trust her family or the man who saved her life.

This book releases April 12, 2022

You can find out more about Danielle Grandinetti on her WEBSITE.

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