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May 24, 2024

 Not all authors can step up to the plate and hit six home runs in a year, but if any can, I bet Kimberley Woodhouse is one of them.  With a packed year of novels to write and share with the world, is it any wonder that she and I chatted about two different historical fiction books in this episode?  Listen in to see which ones!

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 First up, Set in Stone.  People who love plays on words might call this a "dino-might" series about the "Bone Wars."  Other, less ridiculous folks, chose to allude to the "gold rush" by calling this period of American history, "the great dinosaur rush."  

I like dino-might.  I mean, they're dinosaurs, and they're "MIGHTy" cool creatures, no?

But if paleontology isn't your thing (how can this be???) then how about a different kind of conservation--the formation of Glacier National Park and a thunderpuppy who can't see how some things that look so good on paper might not be so good for those people who rely on something different.  And how they clash--and all the fun stuffiness that comes with that.

Kimberley talks about her writing with Tracie Peterson in the Jewels of Kalispell series and wow!  I'm excited myself!


Set in Stone by Kimberley Woodhouse

 A dangerous scheme could bury their long-held dreams forever. . . .

From the time she was little, Martha Jankowski has been digging in the dirt, much to the dismay of her mother. Now she dreams of being a paleontologist and is determined to make her parents proud by uncovering the next big discovery. When Martha finds what she hopes to be a fully intact dinosaur skeleton--one that could win her an acclaimed exhibit--she learns another team is competing against her and could steal her chance at being recognized for this momentous discovery.

Paleontology student Jacob Duncan has fulfilled his dream of digging for dinosaur bones at last. In a race against time, he and his team are bent on unearthing a complete skeleton to claim a museum exhibit with their names on it. But when Jacob meets their charming competitor Martha and uncovers foul play within his team, love and danger grow hand in hand until a menacing ruse threatens to destroy it all.


With Each Tomorrow by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

Even in the midst of adversity, love and faith can flourish.

As the formation of Glacier National Park takes Eleanor Briggs and her conservationist father on a journey west to advocate for public lands, her heart carries the weight of a painful past. Since the death of her mother, she has spent her life traveling the country with her father and helping him with his work, but now he's considering settling down and writing a book--and she's not sure what that means for her future.

Carter Brunswick faces trials of his own when the Great Northern Railway's departure threatens his family's livelihood and the entire town of Kalispell. In the visiting conservationist's daughter, Ellie, he finds a spirited woman who challenges his convictions in ways he never anticipated, and his own dreams for the future begin to change.

When tensions over the railroad's departure boil over, Ellie and Carter are drawn together on a daring journey that tests the depths of their feelings and their faith in God.

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