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Oct 1, 2021

Lisa Prysock, historical and contemporary Christian fiction author, and I chatted about how she first started writing Christian fiction, her first book, the series she's been a part of, and her most recent release in the You Are on the Air series.

Dial F for Family introduces a twenty-six-book, multi-author series featuring radio show hosts who help people with their relationship troubles.

Learn about the series, the party going on TODAY, October 1, 2021, and even a bit about another multi-author project, Save the Date.

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Are You Ready for a Fabulous New Contemporary Christian Romance Series?

Strange how you can chat with someone often and still not know things about them.  For instance, I had no idea that Lisa Prysock began her Christian Fiction writing career writing about a mail-order bride for a duke.  Yeah. It's a thing.  Guess what I'll be reading soon!

In this interview, we learn about that first book, To Find a Duchess, how she transitioned into contemporary Christian fiction, and the many series and sets she's a part of. One of those series was something she mentioned a couple of years ago and we just got kicked off... TODAY!

The first book in the You Are on the Air series released today. Dial F for Family features a relationship expert talk show host, a set of irrepressible twins, and a couple of quirky women--oh, and a couple whose marriage is apparently on the rocks.  Or so the kids think!

Lisa tells us all about the book, and even more about the party we're having to kick off this series.  You want to get into the You Are on the Air Reader Group ASAP so you don't miss out on the prizes and fun.

We also talked about another project we're both a part of, Save the Dateand how much the project means to us as well as how we've all been affected by the deaths of two of our authors, Marion Morrison Ueckermann and Shoshanna Gabriel. Save the Date releases soon and then the $0.99 release price will go up.  All preorder money collected will be sent to the families.

Dial F for Family by Lisa Prysock

Maddie and Brandon Kingsley have been happily married for fifteen years, but they begin navigating rough waters as Maddie decides to transition from stay-at-home Mom to owning her own antique shop.

At the same time, Brandon's career as an advertising executive brings additional stress when business travel and other demands increase. When their pre-teen twin daughters mistakenly think Mom and Dad are headed for divorce, they begin calling the local Nashville radio station for on the air, expert Christian relationship advice from radio personality, Pippa Johnston, to save their parents' marriage from doom.

Get your copy of this Sweet Christian Contemporary Romance novella today and begin enjoying all of the fun in this exciting new series filled with romantic comedy, heartwarming drama, and inspirational romance. Readers are sure to want to collect them all!

You can learn more about Lisa at her WEBSITE.

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