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Sep 3, 2021

When a TV reboot fiasco polarized fans of the original show and seemed to contradict the actors' values, John R. Price did some digging. What he found in his investigation drove him to write a fictionalized version of what he thinks happened when Hollywood played fast and loose with the viewers' trust. Enter: Bobby's Girls.

Written in an unusual style, this book is a fast read that explores what happens when Hollywood gets it wrong.

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What Happens When Hollywood Gets a Great Idea All Wrong?

Written almost like a screenplay, this book really takes a look at what might happen (and might have happened in the not too distant past) when Christians are trapped by contracts and viewers are left confused.

John R. Price is a debut author of the novel, Bobby's Girls, and has written an interesting take on what happens when actors become Christians and their values no longer line up with Hollywood's agenda. Inspired by a TV reboot gone all wrong, Bobby's Girls explores what John thinks he found in researching what made these Christian actors be a part of a once family-friendly show turned... well, not-so-family-friendly.

I had a blast chatting with John, and I'm curious to see what he'll do with the sequel he's considering.

Bobby's Girls by John R. Price

Having grown up on their own show in Hollywood, Christian sister-and-brother actors Staci and Mike Whitaker have now married and raised their own families out of the limelight.

Life away from Hollywood's glamour has given them new perspectives on family and culture.

Fate reboots their old show and summons Staci, and Mike's wife Celeste, to a fresh chance at entertaining modern families. After much discussion, they carefully accept.

But when the show goes horribly awry, Staci, Celeste, and even Mike find themselves sorely tempted and even tricked into violating their most cherished ideals.

How will they find their way back, when all around them seems aimed towards darkness?

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