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Aug 3, 2021

Back in Episode 66, we chatted with Lisa Phillips about her Last Chance County series and how much I LOVED that series. Well… now we have even more exciting news about the future of Last Chance County!

Lisa Phillips has partnered with Sunrise Publishing to be a lead author in Season 5– a brand new multi-author series set in Last Chance County! Find out what’s coming and how you or a friend can be mentored by Lisa and write in her fictional world!

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Here’s the Best Way to Get More from Your Favorite Author’s Series

AAAK!  Where to begin.  Sunrise authors, Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck, Lynette Eason, Trisha Goyer, and now Lisa Phillips are investing in authors in an amazing and unique way. These authors are mentoring new and struggling writers as well as allowing those authors to write in their worlds! Contemporary romance, romantic suspense, Amish–they’ve got it all, and hey… successful authors?  They have something for you, too!

Because this isn’t the end of Sunrise’s plans! They didn’t decide, “We’ll do five seasons of these series and call it quits.”  No, they’re still accepting applications for lead authors, and this is good news for authors and readers alike! Why?  Because we all have series we’d love to have more from, right? And while authors may want to write more from those worlds, that doesn’t mean they can.

It’s a perfect blend.  Like chocolate and peanut butter–peanut butter and jelly… um… and without any anaphylactic shock!

What’s in it for new authors?

  • A great mentoring relationship with an expert author in that genre.
  • A chance to write in a series you already love!
  • Other new authors to bounce ideas off.
  • The support of years of experience and success backing your project.
  • A boosted resume

And I’m sure there’s a boatload more.

What does it take to “audition?”

  • You must have completed (not necessarily published but finished) a book.
  • Submit 1500-2000 words of your current work in progress.
  • Submit a couple of paragraphs about your idea for the series (more on this in a minute)
  • And tell them a little about yourself!

All author auditions have the identifying information stripped from their work so that those deciding on the best submissions have no idea whose they are looking at. Then, after the top ten or so are chosen, the lead author and Sunrise Publishing will look at who these people are to see if personalities etc. are a good fit for everyone.

Right NOW auditions are open for romantic suspense writers to write in Lisa Phillips’ Last Chance County!

Through September 3, authors can submit their “auditions” for Sunrise Publishing’s Series Five!  HERE is a Facebook Live that talks all about how this works and all that jazz.

And HERE is where you go to submit your “audition!”

Lisa is being crazy generous with who she is looking for. She’s not just looking for previously unpublished authors. No, Lisa is willing to consider someone with a stagnant backlist, someone who indie published a few books and just didn’t know how to get them in front of the right readers, and more!  She’s really eager to help you learn the romantic suspense writing process and help you succeed.

Are you a successful author in other genres?

Sunrise Publishing is looking for you!  You can go HERE to apply to be a LEAD AUTHOR!

If you’ve ever wanted more from one of your series, ever thought you had something to offer up and coming authors but didn’t know how to make their dreams a reality, this is a perfect opportunity.  Seriously, I wish I had the following needed to do this because it’s right up my alley!  A format to help others become their best author selves?  GENIUS!

Sunrise Publishing hasn’t said this, but I will.

I hope authors in the following genres will definitely apply.

  • Historical (Both the World War  subgenres as well as historical in general!)
  • Speculative fiction– think fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk… all that geniusness!
  • Women’s fiction (I’m looking at you Lindsey Harrell!)
  • Romcom?

Goodness, the list is endless! PLEASE, AUTHORS.  APPLY today!  The world needs these books, and these authors need the expertise you can offer!

Readers!  Send your favorite authors that link up there and beg them to apply to write more in your favorite series! You might just get more fabulous books out of it!

DON'T FORGET!  September 3, 2021 is the deadline!!!

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