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Jul 2, 2021

This week we're talking to one of the most entertaining, gracious, and inspiring authors out there, Bethany Turner! Think I'm joking?  Not only did Bethany allow me to tell the story of how I didn't like her first book, but she also let me put her on the spot and allowed me to ask her if she thought I'd love or hate her latest book, Plot Twist.

Listen in to see her verdict, see if I think I agree, and what's up with her writing, what's going on with her latest release, Plot Twist, and how she hopes the Lord will use that book!

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Ready for a Crazy Ride through an Interview about Four Fabulous Books?

If anyone doubts that Bethany Turner is unique, fun, and just a bit quirky, all they have to do is watch her social media to see the days where she "celebrates" her negative reviews. Most authors I know try to pretend those things don't exist, but Bethany shares them with the world. And if that isn't fun, I don't know what is.  Although, I have to say... I've seen one person copy her and celebrate their own negative review of her book.  That was just tacky. Just throwing that out there.

Still, as we chatted, I got to see into the heart of an author who loves Jesus and shows it in everything she does, even in books that don't necessarily have a strong faith element, like her latest release.

We chatted about that, and I love the heart she shows for writing books that might reach readers who would never pick up something more overtly Christian but might after enjoying something simply entertaining, thought-provoking, and poignant.  And if you read about Plot Twist, you'll know what I'm talking about.

So, while I'm one of the rare few who didn't love Bethany Turner's first book, I am a HUGE fan of her second.

And I'm an even bigger fan of her writing.  Funny thing is, I really liked Wooing Cadie McCaffrey at first because it had none of the problems I had with the first book.  But upon reflection over months and months, what I loved most about that book was the realistic look it takes in how moral failure affects Christians and relationships.  She was frank, honest, raw, and real. Bethany Turner is both a phenomenal writer (and I say that about books written in first-person perspective!), and an insightful one.  Not to mention laugh-out-loud funny.

Want to know where to start with one of her books?  Bethany recommends either The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck or Hadley Beckett's Next Dish.  But really, you can start with any of them.  So, here they are for your selection.

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck: An erotica writer gets saved and has to figure out how to navigate this new Christian life while also figuring how what to do about her old one. Plus hunky pastors. Or one, anyway.

Wooing Cadie McCaffrey:  Cadie and her guy have been dating for like ever... or maybe it's just four years.  Either way, she's ready for commitment or it's over. When things go too far one day... it's REALLY over.  Or is it...?

Hadley Beckett's Next Dish: Hadley Beckett's Southern charm is stretched to the max by... MAX!  This guy's in hot water with the producers due to his hot temper, and now she's left with the hot dude in her... yeah. You get the picture. All on a cooking show, so read with a snack handy. Trust me.

About Plot Twist

An aspiring screenwriter has a chance encounter with an actor who could be the man of her dreams. Over the next ten years, she’ll write the story . . . but will he end up being the star?

February 4, 2003, promises to be a typical day for Olivia Ross—a greeting card writer whose passion project is a screenplay of her own. But after she and a handsome actor have a magical meet-cute in a coffee shop, they make a spontaneous pact: in ten years, after they’ve found the success they’re just sure they’re going to achieve, they’ll return to the coffeehouse to partner up and make a film together. The only problem? Olivia neglected to get the stranger’s name. But she doesn’t forget his face—or the date.

For the next ten years, every February 4 is marked with coincidences and ironies for Olivia. As men come and go and return to her life, she continues to write, but still wonders about the guy from the coffee shop—the nameless actor she’s almost certain has turned out to be Hamish MacDougal, now a famous A-lister and Hollywood leading man.

But a lot can happen in ten years, and while waiting for the curtain to rise on her fate, the true story of Olivia’s life is being written—and if she’s not careful, she’ll completely miss the real-life romantic comedy playing out right before her eyes.

You can find out more about Bethany Turner on her website.

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