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May 29, 2021

Romantic women's fiction author, Lila Diller had a short chat with me about her "Love Is" series. Beginning with a contemporary romance through the first year of marriage, this four-book (so far) series is a labor of love placed on Lila's heart by the Lord.

We had a quick chat the other day and it was a delight to get to know her better.

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Are There Pitfalls to Using Your Life as Inspiration for Your Books?

Lila Diller can tell you.  Yes.  Author of four books in romantic women's fiction, Lila has used her own life and marriage in a fictional way.  No worries--names and other things have been changed to protect the innocent?  The guilty?  Both?  Something like that.

I'm excited to read this series. Lila has infused her books with the themes from I Corinthians 13, and considering the themes of the books, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love the depth and richness that Diller puts in them.  The characters sound amazing--especially the mentor in book four, Her Heart's Disappointment, is a hoot. Even if I wasn't already excited about the series, anytime an author says he or she had "so much fun" writing said character, I know it's a killer.

And let's face it, as I said in my blog post here, mentors can be good and bad--even the bad ones who were also... good!

About Lila Diller's Her Heart's Disappointment.

A disappointed newlywed. A confused husband. Will Morgan learn how to communicate her true feelings or drive Jason away for good?

Her Heart's Disappointment continues Morgan's search for agape love in the newlywed phase. Now that the honeymoon is over, Morgan finds her newlywed life turning out to be less perfect than she expected. Now all the statistics about most divorces happening in the first two years suddenly seem realistic.

Morgan wants the perfect fairy-tale marriage but was unprepared for how much hard work it takes for a marriage to just survive. All the little annoyances and disappointments take their toll, leaving Morgan blindsided by the big problems — a friend's failed marriage and possible infertility. She tries a mentor, a marriage conference, and a baby to right their relationship. But she's forgetting one thing.

Will Morgan save her marriage?

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