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Mar 27, 2021

I promised that in March, the podcast would expand to more episodes, and I couldn't think of a better way to kick off this expansion than with a book that releases tomorrow on Palm Sunday!

Our first Saturday episode is a full-length interview with Romantic Suspense author, Katie Vorreiter, talking about her release tomorrow of 50 Days. What would happen if Jesus’ death was yesterday instead of two thousand years ago? Katie explores this question through the eyes of the women we know so little about but in a setting we know better than that of the Bible—ours. She does this with insight, sensitivity, and without encroaching on the truth of Scripture.

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Why You Might Want to Read this Book As Soon as Possible

It's that time of year--the one where the events of a Passover Saturday years ago are remembered with extra care and attention to detail. Palm Sunday gives way to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and a host of arguments as to what day Jesus actually died before Resurrection Sunday and the joy that comes with the realization that He is risen--just as He said!

This year, Palm Sunday includes an extra special treat for lovers of Christian fiction--especially romantic suspense. I spoke with Katie Vorreiter about her release tomorrow--Fifty Days. This speculative fiction novel examines the lives of the women who served Jesus, their relationship with Him, and what it would be like to find His body missing. 

And she wrote it as if it happened just a couple of days ago.

In the tradition of books like Eli by Bill Meyers and Yesterday Framed in Today by Grace Livingston Hill's aunt, Isabella Alden, Fifty Days looks at the period between the resurrection and Pentecost and what it might mean for those who thought they'd lost their dearest Friend.

Katie Vorreiter and I agreed that this book is a perfect one for those who might reject the Bible.

It explores all the depths of that time but in a contemporary setting with a riveting story that would keep anyone interested.  So, perhaps that friend at work or that neighbor who rejects any mention of faith or the Bible might consider the story about a guy in trouble with the government for speaking out against corruption, evil, and oppression.

Katie got the idea for the book while trying to focus on the crucifixion and resurrection story one Easter Sunday and says that she was jealous of the relationship that Mary Magdalene had with Jesus. I imagine exploring what that would look like probably brought her closer to the Lord.  I know that kind of writing always does beautiful things in my heart.

Fifty Days by Katie Vorreiter releases tomorrow!

A young fugitive embarks on a search to find the one person who can clear her name but discovers he’s a lot harder to keep up with now that he’s been murdered.

Maggie runs into Jarrett Adams on the street three days after the nation watched him die. Either she’s gone mad—again—or Jarrett really is back. As the US loses its grip on democracy, government thugs eager to contain what Maggie knows hound her every step, while the good intentions of a man from her past only tighten the noose. But Maggie’s worst nightmare has an upside, and in the next fifty days, she’ll find what she seeks in the most unexpected place.

You can find out more about Katie, her books (including No Turning Back), and get a free short story on her WEBSITE.

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