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Mar 2, 2021

Suzanne Woods Fisher first impressed me with her Amish Beginnings series and Nantucket series, but even her Mending Fences and her contemporary series.  But when I read The Moonlight School (and reviewed it HERE), everything shifted.

It’s not that she’s an even more favorite author, it’s just that I can articulate better why she’s a favorite author.  In fact, you might say it’s “because fiction.”

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How Does This Author Keep Writing Such Amazing Books?

I asked her.  Okay, so when I talked to Suzanne Woods Fisher last month, I didn’t say, “Why do you keep writing such amazing books?”  But I did ask enough questions to kind of get a feel for it all.  The long/short of it is…

Early morning writing to classical music.

Or, at least that’s how she got the idea for The Moonlight School.

Drawing on excellent research skills and fantastic storytelling abilities, Suzanne Woods Fisher manages to meld the facts of the past with the possibilities that could go along with it and leave us aching to know what else could have happened.

Listening to Ms. Fisher, you can’t help but hear the passion she holds for adult literacy.

From a young man learning to read to share his music to an older woman learning so she can correspond with her grown daughter, Suzanne Woods Fisher tells the stories of real people who overcame personal and societal prejudice and ignorance about adult illiteracy and tried to make a significance in this world.

Look, there’s more to this book than a good premise.

The author focuses on characterization, spiritual content, a bit of a mystery… Basically, if you want it, she’s got it. I loved the book, and it has shot to the top of my “Best Books of 2021” list.

Suzanne also shared about her hobby as well as her first books. Psst… Copper Fire is even on audiobook–and the narration is good!

Check out that book and her others at Suzanne Woods Fisher’s website: HERE.

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