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Feb 9, 2021

With Valentine's Day this weekend, it seems only fitting to look at some great reads to celebrate the day. I probably wouldn't have thought of it if a friend hadn't said something.  Thanks to Lucinda for the Valentine's Day reads suggestion.

Whether you're looking for a few short novellas, a gentle trilogy with a bonus, a collection of interconnected novellas, or an Austen-inspired romp, it's all here.  I've even got a romance for married folks!

Let's check it out, shall we?

Note: links may be affiliate links that provide me with a small commission at no extra expense to you.

What Romances Do I Think Are Perfect for Valentine's Day?

With the million and one possible book options for Valentine's day, how was I supposed to limit them to just enough to fill a podcast episode?  It took far too long, but I finally came up with five solid suggestions--not all new works. Instead,  I went with books that make great first reads and rereads.

It feels weird to make such a big deal about reading romance for a holiday I didn't even remember is coming, but despite my personal aversion to it, I recognize that it's a beautiful thing the Lord created to illustrate His love and care for us as well as enrich our lives here.

So, let's talk books!

Liz Johnson’s Prince Edward Island Dreams

The best thing about this series is how Liz Johnson manages to combine lovely characters, riveting plots, excellent writing, and a strong but gentle weaving of faith through the words.

Sarah Monzon’s Book Nerds and Boyfriends

Humorous, poignant, and engaging, Sarah's Book Nerds and Boyfriends series contains three novellas that somehow intertwine avid readers and plots that shake up said readers' lives. The entire series is about the length of an average novel, and you'll walk away in love with the characters, encouraged in your faith, and with a lighter heart than when you started.

Betwixt Two Hearts

This CrossRoads Collection combines a matchmaking service and six couples who may or may not be just perfect for each other. Novellas in various lengths from authors Amanda Tru, Cathe Swanson, Kari Trumbo, Alana Terry, Carol Moncado, and me!  HERE is a link to the story I tell about how I got the idea for my book in this collection.

As Only Mr. Darcy Can

With all the humor that only Laura Hile can provide, As Only Mr. Darcy Can combines Valentines, Wickam in trouble, and one hilarious moment after the next.

Bookers on the Rocks

After twenty-five years, you'd think Ross and Tessa  Booker would have this romance thing down pat.  Instead, she avoids it as if Covid incarnate. See what she and Ross learn through one of the most romantic books I've ever written, Bookers on the Rocks.

And that Valentine's Day gift to yourself I mentioned?

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