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Jul 5, 2024

If you've never heard of the Acadians, you're in for a beautiful treat in The Seamstress of Acadie by Laura Frantz. Listen in and hear why I am excited for this book and her upcoming release this month

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I've seen Laura Frantz's books for years, and had even bought a couple. But when another author told me to read her Courting Morrow Little, I knew this gal someone I need to read.  And learning how hard it is to find that book, I went to eBay and bought another copy just in case.  

Laura talked a lot about the history of the Acadians but ALSO about another book coming out soon (that is related to The Rose and Thistle... I think?)  We recorded months ago, so I might have gotten that wrong.

 The Seamstress of Acadie by Laura Frantz

 As 1754 is drawing to a close, tensions between the French and the British on Canada's Acadian shore are reaching a fever pitch. Seamstress Sylvie Galant and her family--French-speaking Acadians wishing to remain neutral--are caught in the middle, their land positioned between two forts flying rival flags. Amid preparations for the celebration of Noël, the talk is of unrest, coming war, and William Blackburn, the British Army Ranger raising havoc across North America's borderlands.

As summer takes hold in 1755 and British ships appear on the horizon, Sylvie encounters Blackburn, who warns her of the coming invasion. Rather than participate in the forced removal of the Acadians from their land, he resigns his commission. But that cannot save Sylvie or her kin. Relocated on a ramshackle ship to Virginia, Sylvie struggles to pick up the pieces of her life. When her path crosses once more with William's, they must work through the complex tangle of their shared, shattered past to navigate the present and forge an enduring future.

And don't miss her upcoming release:

A Matter of Honor

Available July 24, 2024

Having grown up at Wedderburn Castle in the serene Scottish Lowlands, Orin Hume is thrust into the dazzling realm of London society and Court circles as Poet Laureate of Britain. But at the height of his fame a former tragedy and his ties to a lass he once loved lead him home to Berwickshire again. When his return is further marred by lost love letters and scheming kin who conspire to keep the pair apart, can Lady Maryn Lockhart, now Duchess of Fordyce, forgive him? Or will the shadows of the past and the complexities of the present rewrite their love story?

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