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Jun 11, 2024

 I don't think I've ever heard fantasy authors say they wanted to emphasize light in their books, so when I began chatting with Kylie Beevers about her Rise of the LivingWood and she explained her heart for the story, I knew I'd found a book I needed to read.  Listen in to learn more about how a thirteen-year-old decided to write her first fantasy novel.

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Some might take Kylie Beevers' goal for her series (to emphasize light) to mean that the story is fluffy with no conflict or danger. Not hardly. The opening journal entry (you can read it in the sample on Amazon) shows that the boo kicks off with a terrible battle and the fallout. But knowing the story's emphasis on light shows just Who will be at the center of that, and I really liked that.

I also liked her explanation of "the why" that authors need when they jump into writing. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. 

 Rise of the LivingWood  by Kylie Beevers

Bramble is just your ordinary fox scrounging the forest floor with his Da, Mum, and kit brother before he is thrust snout first into the warrior life.

For his whole life, Bramble has known the LivingWood to be a safe, secure place. A place where he and his family live in peace with no threats. But one day Bramble encounters his Uncle, who he had no idea even existed, and now he’s got no choice but to trust his gut and blaze a trail into a battle he has to fight.

Wolves have besieged the borders. War seeks to devour them all.

Will Bramble uphold his call? And what will it cost?

The Young Writers Workshop "

Kylie has a list of young author helps on her website.

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