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May 28, 2024

 What if what is perceived as a negative thing by some here on earth turned out to be a superpower "out there" in the universe somewhere?  Jared N. Michaud has taken that idea and soared with it. Listen in to see how an autistic boy is the long-awaited prophecy in another galaxy!

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 Every once in a while, I get to talk to someone who is clearly brilliant.  I usually enjoy it, but once in a while it's frustrating (and then I usually use the experience by writing a novella to deal with the frustration).  But even more rare, I chat with someone who is both brilliant and capable of not "talking down" to me or too far above me.  Some people just have the gift of interacting with everyone on their level.  Jared Michaud is definitely one of those rare gems.

I had a blast talking with him, got encouraged in my faith, got excited about his Energmatrice6 series, and walked away thinking, "Wow..."  It was, a bit I think, how people who chatted with C. S. Lewis probably felt. He had the gift of being able to converse at nearly any level as well.

Don't miss out on Jared's podcast, Modern Apocrypha.

Jared mentioned a couple of books, and I wanted to list those here:

 Evolution 2.0 by Perry Marshall--a looking at Darwinism and Intelligent Design in a new light.

Ordinary Men by Christopher R Browning--his take is that it's rough but a good read.

Brightstar: Energematrice6 – The Epimyth Begins

 by Jared N. Michaud

 “Only the void is content to wait in peace.” 

Brightstar is the beginning of an epic space adventure that introduces readers to Nate, a boy desperate to escape the prison of an ordinary life made unbearable by his autism. When he is unexpectedly transported to another universe, Nate’s perceived disability is transformed into a near superpower. 

In the Aurora Galaxy, where his arrival has been prophesied for thousands of years, Nate finds the weight of expectations difficult to bear. After being greeted by an ancient ally, Nate begins gathering a misfit group of “odds” from every corner of the universe. Nate’s odyssey, which starts in the most prestigious school in civilization, will end battling monsters from the darkest imaginations of an ancient, captive Earth.
Coping with greater and greater adversity, Nate finds himself confronted by enemies who all seem to be connected in suspicious ways. In the end, Nate must stand before the Lightmaker Himself, who sent Nate to the Aurora Galaxy in the first place.

Brightstar is the beginning of a myth in the tradition of authors like C.S. Lewis, written to introduce young people to the most important stories and values of Western Civilization. Rich language and an epic story provide the backdrop for an exciting, yet thoughtful space fantasy.

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