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Apr 23, 2024

When an author tells me her book deals with cults, deception, and escape, well... what's not to love? Listen in and see why I'm eager to grab copies of this series by Rebecca Carey Lyles and start reading today!

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 Chatting with Rebecca Carey Lyles really gave me a hunger to check out her Children of the Light series. Seeing some of these polygamist cults through the eyes of those who might be hoodwinked into them as well as through a Christian lens? Count me in. Lyles focuses on 

Crimson Arches by Rebecca Carey Lyles

 Although Kasenia Clarke escaped Shadow Ranch a year ago, when Trent Duran asks her to visit Crimson Arches Ranch, his ranch that borders Shadow Ranch, she hesitates. She adores Trent and wants to see where he “hangs his hat,” yet she dreads going anywhere near the abusive polygamous cult. Then an unexpected connection with another “plyg” community changes everything, and she jumps in with both feet, unaware of the peril that awaits her down by the border.

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