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Oct 13, 2020

On Amazon, every time I went looking for a book, there it was. The Orphan Beach.  I'd not read anything by the author, Laura Thomas.  Each time I started to click through, something distracted me. Then, I had an opportunity to interview her, and when I discovered that it was that Laura Thomas, well... DUH!

Discussing her writing and publishing journey, the books in print and those to come, by the time I finished chatting about all things books, I felt like I'd made a new friend.  Laura Thomas is a fascinating and delightful woman, not to mention an eclectic author!

laura thomas


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Why It's Always Good to Make Dreams Come True

The moment Laura said hello, I had to ask about her accent. See, I knew she lived in Canada, but the accent said otherwise. So, English/Canadian author, Laura Thomas tells us about her childhood dream of being the next Beatrix Potter--a dream she'd never told anyone until, after decades of marriage, her husband winkled it out of her!

Still in the throes of homeschooling, Laura began taking correspondence courses to become a writer and eventually published her YA series, the Tears Trilogy.

Of course, picture books were still the dream, but she continued on to writing a middle-grade short novel, The Candlemaker.

Being the eclectic author she is, Laura then turned to non-fiction as a gift for her daughter, Pearls for the Bride.

It may seem an unexpected progression from those to romantic suspense, but...

A vacation, a lifelong fear, and a disappointment inspired Laura's first romantic suspense novel, The Glass Bottom Boat.  Intended to be a stand-alone, an agent's request turned it into a series, Flight to Freedom.

And this series is this week's featured book!

There is supposed to be a box set, but I didn't find it on Amazon. Still, all three books can be had for under six dollars, and two are on Kindle Unlimited!

the orphan beach laura thomasAnd the third book in the series is The Orphan Beach.

This book starts off with a bang!

  • the death of a loved one
  • reeling from a failed romantic relationship
  • struggling with her faith and
  • targeted by a crazed killer
  • About Orphan Beach

I haven't finished the book (and much to my disappointment!) but it has several key strengths.

  • characters--I cared about them almost (if not) from the first word
  • the covers (they grab you)
  • in particular, the title of The Orphan Beach.

Although Laura doesn't say she'll never write more in the series, but a vacation to visit family in England last year inspired a new series--suspense. Set in a small village in England.  Stick me in a suitcase, I'm going with her!

And coming full circle, those picture books she mentioned? 

Well, two are being shopped to publishers.  One is about a French bulldog and her adventures, while the other is about an octopus making friends with a tea party! 

Laura is about to get herself a French bulldog puppy of her own, and plans to name her "Lulu."  That prompted me to share a song from the 1920s that I loved as a girl, and I've added it here for your fun, too.  :)

And Frank Sinatra did a fun parody of this with Bing Crosby for those who love the oldie moldie!

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