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Mar 29, 2024

Chatting with Ashlyn McKayla Ohm about her upcoming release, Why the Mountains Stand, reminded me of how often I see myself in characters and learn from their lessons (and hopefully avoid having to make some of the same mistakes in the process). Listen in to how that happened for Ashlyn in this episode.

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This Time She's Climbed All the Way to Canada!

As if the Rockies weren't enough, Ashlyn Ohm takes us to Canada where Addison will coach a difficult athlete... and deal with some of her own issues along the way. 

We talked about the way Ashlyn related to her character, and how she kept trying to downplay some of the issues that needed to be addressed.  Ouch. Been there/done that.

She also shared about her upcoming poetry collection, High Country Hymnal, featuring mountain-inspired poetry of all kinds.  Then, she's going back to fiction and going to explore some of the side characters from the Climbing Higher series.  EEEP!

Why the Mountains Stand by Ashlyn McKayla Ohm

Coaching figure skating at an athletic center in Whistler, Canada, seems like a dream come true to Addisyn Miles—especially since it offers an opportunity to pursue her relationship with Darius, the man who’s become more than a friend. But her excitement fades when she’s assigned to coach Darius’s troubled cousin. Withdrawn and turbulent, Kenzie Howard is also an unsettling reminder of Addisyn’s own shadowed past. But when Kenzie rediscovers a local legend, Addisyn realizes that there’s more at stake than either of them expected. Helping Kenzie means risking her job at the center and even her relationship with Darius…but it could also set Addisyn free from the shame she’s carried for years.

Kenzie has spent a lifetime walking the tightrope of perfection—until she crashed. The legend offers the only faint hope of escaping the nightmare her life has become, but to discover the truth, she’ll have to trust an unlikely ally: Addisyn. As the girls come closer to the brink of discovery, Kenzie’s secrets begin to unravel. Now, they’re both faced with a choice: allow the scars of their past to destroy them both…or finally see the purpose beyond their shared pain.

A tale of redemption and restoration, Why the Mountains Stand is the climactic finale to the Climbing Higher series, celebrating the healing power of friendship and the transformative promise of faith.

To learn more, visit Ashlyn's  WEBSITE.  Also follow her on GoodReads and BookBub!

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