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Mar 26, 2024

Having been a long-time fan of Lynn Austin, I was thrilled to get to have a chat with her about her new, Gilded-Age generational saga, All My Secrets. Listen in as we chat about favorite books, the impact the women in our lives have on us, and what it means to trust the Lord's plan for our lives.

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Why I Love When Great Authors Write in Multiple Genres!

Look, I get it when an author finds his or her niche and can carve out a whole career writing fresh, new ideas in that one area. It's a skill I envy and definitely do have. 

Because of that, when I run across an author like Lynn Austin who has written in just about any era, it's comforting. Someone else gets it.  

The more we talked about her book, Eve's Daughters (psst... read it! Even if you already have!), the more certain I am that it's not just my favorite--it's also the first of hers I read. I'm sure of it!

But when she described one of her Biblical fiction series as "All you ever wanted to know about Hezekiah," I decided I had to have them. #BecauseHezekiah!

From the days of good ol' Hezzie all the way to present, her books deal with the plans God has for us and what happens when we follow (or don't) those plans.

All My Secrets by Lynn Austin

Bestselling author Lynn Austin returns with a luminous work of historical fiction set amid the opulence of Gilded Age New York, where three generations of women in one family must reckon with the choices they have made and their hopes for the future.

New York, 1898. The only thing more shocking than Arthur Stanhope III’s unexpected death is the revelation that his will bestows his company―and most of the vast fortune that goes with it―to the nearest male heir, leaving his mother, wife, and daughter nearly impoverished. His widow, Sylvia, quickly realizes she must set aside her grief to ensure their daughter, Adelaide, is launched into society as soon as the appropriate mourning period passes. If Sylvia can find a wealthy husband for Addy before anyone realizes they’re practically destitute, there will be little disruption to the lifestyle they’re accustomed to.

Sylvia’s mother-in-law, Junietta, believes their life could use a little disruption. She has watched Sylvia play her role as a society wife, as Junietta once did, despite what it cost them both. Junietta vows to give her granddaughter the power to choose a path beyond what society expects.

But for Addy to have that chance, both mother and grandmother must first confront painful truths about their own choices. Only in bringing their secrets to light can they hope to reshape their family inheritance into a legacy more fulfilling than they ever dared dream.

  • Stand-alone Christian historical romance from Christy Award Hall of Fame author
  • Historical drama full of complex family dynamics
  • Perfect for fans of Eve’s Daughters and other family sagas
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs

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