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Mar 22, 2024

If you love modern marriages of convenience, redeemed characters, and Dancing with the Stars you'll want to check out Karin Beery's books. Listen in to see which of these you'll find in her most recent book, Finally Forever.

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Waltz Through This Romance with a Few Laughs, Too!

Author of a few books that have now made it onto my TBR, Karin Beery approaches life with humor and her books with kisses. Or rather, she expects kisses in those books. I say she's Pepper Basham's long-lost northern twin!

We chatted about how we met spouses, what tropes are fun, and what we love to read in good books.  From her modern marriage of convenience thanks to an accidental will goof up, to a fun "redeem the obnoxious "villain," to sports romcom meets ballroom dancing, she's got a stack of 'em.

Finally Forever by Karin Beery

Former competitive dancer Caroline Novak dreams of leaving the corporate world to work with special needs women at the Pathways nonprofit, but the organization can’t afford a fulltime director.

All-American defensive end Ben Allen was on his way to the NFL when a knee injury sent him home and into the same office as Caroline, his best friend’s older sister. When Pathways participates in a Dancing with the Stars-inspired fundraiser, Caroline quickly volunteers, and Ben joins her as the local “star.”

It doesn’t take long for Ben to realize it’s more than a dance competition, and Caroline is more than his best friend’s sister, but after two failed engagements, she’s hesitant to trust her heart with another man. When the NFL calls Ben, it looks like his dream might finally come true—but it could cost them the championship and Caroline her heart.

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