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Mar 19, 2024

I had a blast chatting with Malissa Chapin about her split-time novel, her Christmas novella, and especially her cozy mystery series. Listen in to what happens when you need to know if a body fits in a piano crate!

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Ever wondered how often authors get something wrong and have to change a story? Ever wonder if we ever put our favorite places in our books? What about when we decide to put something in that isn't quite so?  Or if we write a book because we loved cover art and had to tell that story?

Talking with Malissa Chapin gave me insight not only into her writing and researching process but also into her books. I didn't know she had a split-time women's fiction story that sounds AMAZING. But she does.  And I also didn't know the next Piper Hayden mystery would be a Christmas book.  Now you know, too!

And having a mutual friend "introduce" us... even though she didn't? Priceless.

Murder Goes Glamping by Malissa Chapin

She’d rather play a sonata than huddle around a campfire. But when homicide takes the stage, can she bring down the curtain on a killer?

Piper Haydn enjoys the finer things in life. Coming from wealth, the music academy owner refuses to let her friend drag her out glamor camping until the handsome local police chief’s teasing strikes the wrong chord. And returning to the campground late after a piano conference, her panic hits a crescendo when she stumbles on a dead body.

Fleeing in horror and now suspected of committing the evil deed, the terrified thirty-something dives into the investigation to clear her name. Yet with her artsy hippie pal missing, an unpleasant sheriff eager to slap the cuffs on her, and a murderer still on the loose, she fears snooping around could lead to a deadly encore.

Can Piper piece together the cacophony of clues before her next concerto is played behind bars?

Murder Goes Glamping is the charming second book in the Piper Haydn Piano Mysteries cozy series. If you like amateur sleuths, loyal friends, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Malissa Chapin’s cutthroat cadenza.

Buy Murder Goes Glamping to orchestrate the perfect crime today!

Learn more about Malissa on her WEBSITE and follow her on GoodReads and BookBub.

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