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Mar 5, 2024

Last time I talked to Antony Barone Kolenc, I was enthralled with the idea of his Harwood Mysteries.  Well, all those awards he's won, I think the books live up to the idea, don't you?  Well, with a new one released at the end of last year and another coming this year, plus another book and a new series in the works... well, listen in. We've got a lot to talk about.

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These Are Exactly My Favorite Kinds of Mysteries!

Let's see... an era or situation I'm not familiar with... interesting characters... rich faith woven in naturally... a nun who just looks at a crucifix to answer the question, "Why do I have to suffer like this...?"  Um... YEAH!

Antony Barone Kolenc has really knocked it out of the park with this series. Set in the 12th Century, these young folks deal with a variety of issues, and even have to travel to Portugal in one!  EEEP!

His newest book, Murder at Penwood Manor, we're looking at crusaders and murders, and oh my!  Life-changing stuff going on (and a bit of age-appropriate romance as well!).  

Like a lot of middle-grade fiction, this series grows with the kids reading it, so what was upper middle grade in the beginning becomes lower YA by the end.  I love that he's done this.  Because Kolenc is a conscientious writer, father, and Christian, younger advanced readers binging the series won't be subjected to the garbage often found in YA stuff while the stories will still keep the attention of teens.  A win all around.

Kolenc also talked about another book he released just yesterday, Penny and the Stolen Chalice. This is for younger middle-grade readers and features non-Catholic Penny who is determined to find out who stole the Eucharist chalice during Mass.  Note: Non-Catholic parents should read reviews to be prepared to discuss the theological ideas in the book.

Finally, we got a sneak peek into the next series he's working on. Just the tiniest sneakiest of peeks.  But I'm eager to learn more!

Murder at Penwood Manor by Antony Barone Kolenc

Xan and Christina embark on a journey to Harwood Abbey, where they reunite with their old friends, Lucy and Joshua. When a brutal murder occurs at nearby Penwood Manor, all evidence points to Laurence, a Crusader recently returned from the Holy Land. Unconvinced of the man’s guilt, Xan and his friends must act swiftly to solve the crime.

Who could have committed such a horrible killing, and is anyone safe?
Is Laurence tormented by demons, or is he haunted by some other secret?
And will Xan be forever changed by the choice Lucy and Christina present to him?

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