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Feb 9, 2024

After loving 26 Below by Kimberley Woodhouse, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on 8 DownWell, it's almost here, and it promises to be even better.  I  mean come on! Serial killer using crosswords and the threat of exponentially upping the death toll?  EEEP  Listen in to learn about crossword research (and a few fun facts) and why the Luddite life might just start sounding good!


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Watch Out! You May Never Look at Crosswords the Same Again!

As I confessed to Kimberley, I was a bit irked when I saw the cover for 8 Down the first time I saw it, but after reading the synopsis and talking to her about this book, I confess to being a hundred percent wrong. It's exactly right. 

And the story sounds like something to keep you up until you've finished it. So don't start at bedtime. You may regret it. Then again, you'll have a great book under your belt and an excuse to sleep in. So there's that.

Kimberley shared the inspiration for the series as well as some of her research (yikes!) and mentioned she thought the cover for the next book, 70 North might be out by the time this episode releases.  Guess what?  It is!  EEEP!  Check it out. It's gorgeous!

8 Down by Kimberley Woodhouse8 Down by Kimberley Woodhouse

8 bodies down.
8 more lives at stake.
Investigator Carrie Kintz is new blood with the Alaska Bureau of Investigation in Anchorage. But with a serial killer on the loose, there's no easing into the job. It's sink or swim. The only clues to help law enforcement stop this madman are the taunts he drops into crossword puzzles across the country--always in the same 8 DOWN position.

Carrie is desperate to prove her worth to the force and the community by catching the killer. But when she discovers signs that these deaths are just the tip of the iceberg in a frighteningly elaborate cyberattack, it's time to admit she needs help.

Calling in security specialist Scott Patteson for his expertise seems like the right move--until Carrie realizes that he may be a dangerous distraction for her heart. With her faith fading in the face of horror and uncertainty and her career in danger of ending, this is no time for flirtation.

But with a killer who is determined to prove that he's smarter than everyone else, it may be impossible to fight both the madman and their feelings for each other . . .

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