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Jan 19, 2024

One of the best parts of having this podcast is getting to meet new authors and learn their stories. I think today's guest, Karen Tucci, has one of the most inspiring stories out there.  It's been a decade since she released her (formerly) one and only book and now she has three and six more coming this year! Listen in to find out what all the buzz is about!

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What Makes an Author Give Up and Then Start Over Again?

I'll tell you!  Encouragement!  Sometimes it's just starting over for the day. For Karen Tucci, it was starting her author career over again!  After writing a book that ended on a cliffhanger a decade ago, Karen is back, has three books available as of today and has a bunch more coming, including the long-awaited sequel to her first book (appropriately titled) Starting Over! Woot! 

Her next two books, The Perfect Kiss (a contemporary ranch romance) and When the Dust Settles (a Navy Seal romantic suspense novel), are just the opening for more books (well... crossing fingers for that being true about When the Dust Settles).  She also has a Christmas novella and a sequel to her free novella on her website.  So lots of options coming!

Starting Over by Karen Tucci

Sarah returns to her hometown in Maine with her adolescent daughter, Lily, to live with her dad, after her mom and husband died in unexpected accidents. Lily has a difficult time with the move because she misses her dad and her friends, so she rebels against her mother.

Gus, Sarah's father, loves having his girls home with him; he also enjoys playing matchmaker for his daughter. Gus hires his favorite carpenter, Brandon, to complete renovations on his store; this ensures Brandon and Sarah spend significant time together. Fortunately, Gus convinces Sarah to attend church with him regularly, where she also has encounters with Brandon, as he is the Sunday school teacher for the teens.

Brandon quickly develops feelings for Sarah, but she is hesitant, as she doesn't want to be disloyal to her late husband. Sarah spends a lot of time developing a relationship with her pastor, who helps her sort her feelings. Though a major health issue causes Sarah to distance herself from Brandon, she re-establishes her relationship with God and accepts Jesus as her Savior. Through His strength, Sarah is able to develop a solid relationship with the people around her, and she is able to start again under His direction.

Learn more about Karen Tucci on her WEBSITE and follow her on BookBub and GoodReads.

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