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Jan 13, 2024

Back in November, I had a great conversation with Izaic Yorks about his Saga of Valor Series, starting with AscendantWell, we know what happened in early December, but like another author, his episode didn't get scheduled, so he had a delay on top of a delay!  So finally we have his episode and guys, you've got to listen in and hear about the inspiration for this story, all the things available, and all the things coming. I was so inspired chatting with him!

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Looking for a Fantastic New Fantasy Series for the New Year?

When Izaic York and I started chatting before his interview, we talked for at least an hour before we actually began recording, and boy was I impressed with his personal ethic, his work ethic, and his creativity. So I wasn't surprised at all by how excited I was as he began describing his book.

Ascendant offers a flintlock dystopian epic fantasy that sounds amazing.  I mean, a world where a tyrant is using (the redefinition and eradication of!!!) words as a way of control?  Yes, please!  And that's just a small part of the book, but as we chatted, you get a sense of what current events might have inspired or shaped elements of the book, and I'm dying to know what he did with it.

And then to learn that he has another Kickstarter coming for book two in March?  Sign me up! I'm just bummed that I missed the first one.

Ascendant by Izaic Yorks

Revolution cometh!

The sound of Valor shall resound, piercing even the deepest reaches of the city, and in the end, not a soul will be untarnished. . . 

Until now, no one has managed to end the Lord Prime's tyranny.

That is until a deep and unlikely magic awakens within her.

Dirk Ava wants the same things as any other teenager.

Someone to love her. The freedom to do as she wishes... and the chance to overthrow the Lord Prime. Daughter to a rebel extremist, Dirk Ava has been groomed for rebellion before she could even walk, but when the magic of the Ascendants appears within her, Ava's life is turned inside out. 

Set on a soul-shattering quest, Ava's coming-of-age story requires her to master her powers, overcome betrayal, and slay the Lord Prime--or lose everything and everyone she loves.

This is her destiny, but where good comes at the cost of evil, will Dirk Ava be able to keep her soul untarnished? Or will she become the very monster she hates?

Learn more about Izaic Yorks on his WEBSITE (and don't forget to sign up for his newsletter so you get reminded about that Kickstarter!  I for one, plan to back it.  Also, don't forget to follow Izaic Yorks on GoodReads.

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